Crestron Video Distribution

Lutron Lighting Control Systems

How long does smart home technology, like Lutron, stay current? A question we’re often asked by potential new clients is ‘how long will the technology we’re proposing last or be current?’. We work in one of the fastest moving industries in terms of product development and clients want to know how long their investment will last.

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voice control in the home - home automation

Voice Automation in the Home

What Does The Future Hold For Voice Automation? Voice command devices (VCD) and services are certainly becoming an everyday occurrence these days, the constant improvements in the technology mean that […]

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what is control4

What is Control4? + FAQs

If you thought having an LA-style, fully automated home was just something that happened in the movies, then think again. Element 29 are certified dealers for Control4, the fully automation solution […]

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