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Home Automation – A Walk Through Guide

A fully automated home is very much a reality right now where everything from your entertainment, security and comfort can be managed by the touch of a single button or voiced instruction. Home automation is invisible, discrete, integrated and works seamlessly to provide enjoyment, assistance and peace of mind.

We work with a wide range of leading home automation technology brands to select the solution that is right for you, for example:

Artcoustic, Bowers & Wilkins, Control4, Crestron, Lutron, QMotion, RakoSonos, Steinway Lyngdorf

For a more in depth understanding of home automation, let’s take a walk through the automated home and outdoor space to understand the possibilities and benefits…

The Gateway to Home Automation

Here, we spot the access control panel. The CCTV system, a core component of home automation, has us in its sights. Its analytical abilities could trigger an alert if we seemed unwelcome. Pressing the button, we connect with the homeowner through the weatherproof monitor, and the gate opens remotely. Moving to the front door, the familiar security stands, but we’re expected, and the door swings open.

Home automation: Control touch screen
contemporary hallway with home automation

The Hallway

Upon entering the hallway, the subtle elegance of home automation reveals itself in the form of a discrete in-wall touch panel. From here, the audio, video, heating, window treatments, CCTV, entry cameras and visitor comms are centrally controlled. This functionality is mirrored on your tablet or smartphone. It’s possible to create different scenes by room depending on the activity you’re carrying out.

Drawing Room

Moving on, we find ourselves in the drawing room. At first glance, the absence of visible technology is remarkable – a true reflection of home automation. But appearances can be deceiving. With a simple press of a button on a handheld controller, a transformation occurs. Almost magically, a surround sound system bursts to life, sound and visuals synchronising seamlessly. The once ordinary mirror takes on new purpose as a TV screen, while audio gracefully fills the room from discreet ceiling speakers that are cleverly concealed. As the entertainment unfolds, lighting, heating, curtains, and blinds gracefully are activated according to the scene selected, complimenting the entertainment system.

Home automation in living room
Home automation in Kitchen: Smart Lighting

The Kitchen

Stepping into the kitchen, we find another wall panel, a thoughtful addition given its status as a bustling hub. In-ceiling speakers grace the space, complemented by a seamlessly integrated wall-flush TV and voice control to effortlessly manage music, reminders, shopping lists, and more.

Family Cinema Room

In the adjoining family room, a more relaxed atmosphere prevails. Here, the latest 4K UHD TV takes its prideful position, partnered with a 9.2 Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System. For the real cinema experience, you can control the system via a tablet, phone, or a dedicated handheld remote. You press ‘Movie Mode’, the TV gracefully dims, and an in-ceiling projection screen drops down. A rear ceiling projector descends, dimming lights and lowering blackout blinds. Suddenly, the room transforms into a cinematic sanctuary.

Home cinema design

Outdoor Space and Pool

Heading back through the kitchen and stepping outdoors, home automation remains in charge. Here, it handles outdoor lighting for the mood and safety, adjusting for sunrise and sunset. Lights and speakers in the garden walls are setup for good times, and there’s an option for a TV to catch your favorite shows. The pool area also shares the opportunity for automated control. These include a waterproof outdoor TV and a cinema room in the pool house. This room has different settings for window shades, lights, and sound to match your mood

Beds and Baths

Back inside and upstairs, bedrooms and bathrooms are also controlled by an in-wall touch panel if your tablet or smartphone isn’t handy. You can set WiFi schedules to manage digital time, or use cameras in the nursery for added peace of mind. Create room scenes for different moods, from waking to bedtime. Open curtains, lights on, favorite TV or radio show starts, even a rising TV from the Ottoman. The en-suite also enjoys audio, lighting, and a waterproof TV. At night, a simple “Good Night” voice command shuts systems and sets the intruder alarm for a peaceful sleep.

Residential Bathroom project

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