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Just like sight, what we hear and how clear we hear it play a massive role in a customer and client experience, and can often mean the difference between success and missed opportunities.

From hundred-seat auditoriums to company boardrooms, we install a wide range of audio systems to ensure what’s said is heard clearly by everyone. Does your company run lots of long-distance calls and video chats? A centre mounted receiver and surround speakers will make sure nobody misses a word. Need the freedom to move on stage? Discrete hanging microphones will extend your voice no matter where you’re standing.

Gyms, restaurants, waiting areas — if you’re a public-facing business, enjoyable customer experiences are critical. Our tech partners have created some of the most advanced audio systems in the world, allowing you to play what you want, where you want, taking full control from a single device. And, with architectural options like ceiling-mounted downlight-style units, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.

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    Element 29 is an enthusiastic team of audio visual and technology specialists, based in Clapham, South West London.

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    In 2014, Element 29 were proud to become a certified member of Cedia, the Custom Electrical Design and Installation Association.

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