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Amplify your audio: QSC commercial solutions

We design, supply, and install top-tier audio solutions for commercial spaces using QSC’s premium range of equipment. As specialists in QSC products, our QSC installers can confidently recommend and incorporate their extensive range of audio equipment, such as power amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital signal processors, and mixers. Whether you have a pre-existing specification or need assistance in designing the perfect system, our QSC installers are here to ensure seamless installation and optimal performance using QSC components.

QSC installation: Photo of Loudspeakers kseries KW122
QSC installations: Commercial automation project

Revolutionising commercial audio

QSC, a renowned name in the professional audio industry, specialises in creating high-performance audio solutions for diverse commercial applications. Their innovative products excel in corporate offices, hospitality venues, educational institutions, live performance venues, and retail spaces.

For office, schooling, or hospitality spaces, integrating QSC systems facilitates effective communication and collaboration, while enhancing speech intelligibility and ensuring crystal-clear feedback. In retail and public spaces, their audio solutions contribute to a pleasant ambiance, shaping positive experiences for visitors and customers. QSC’s versatile and reliable audio products elevate the sonic experience in any commercial environment, and ensure peak performance in every application.

QSC options for commercial installations

QSC offers a variety of audio solutions to enhance commercial spaces, providing exceptional audio quality and flexibility. Our QSC installers can design and install a range of products to meet your specific needs, including:

Networked audio systems

Audio distribution solutions for installed sound applications using standard Ethernet protocols, with support for AES67 and Dante audio networking protocols for seamless integration across spaces.

Signal processors

Equipment for live sound and installed sound applications, such as digital signal processors (DSPs), equalisers, and crossovers.


A wide range of amplifiers, including power amplifiers for live sound and installed sound applications, as well as networked amplifiers.


Powered and passive models for live sound, installed sound, and cinema surround speakers and subwoofers.

Digital mixers

Solutions for live sound and installed sound applications, from small, portable mixers to large-scale consoles.

Why choose us?

Our QSC installers possess a deep understanding of audio products and their applications in commercial environments. We’ll work closely with you to evaluate your requirements, and deliver tailored solutions that ensure optimal performance and seamless integration with your existing systems.

We’re committed to excellence beyond installation, too. We’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the longevity and reliability of your QSC system. With our attention to detail, customer-focused approach, and dedication to providing the highest quality audio solutions, you can trust us to create the perfect sound experience for your commercial space.

Rathbone gym: commercial speaker installation

 “To the credit of everyone at Element 29, they remained flexible, helpful, patient, understanding and within budget! The end result is outstanding.”

“We have worked with the Element 29 team for a number of years and on several of our projects, including super high-end residential, office fit-out, and bespoke commercial projects. They are a pleasure to work with and are always thorough and detailed in their approach.”

“It was really amazing service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend E29 to others on the basis of the service received.”

Elevate your audio

Experience the power of QSC systems and take your commercial space to new heights with custom audio solutions that enhance communication, collaboration, and ambiance.

Reach out today to discuss how we can elevate your space with state-of-the-art QSC audio technology.