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Our skilled Steinway Lyngdorf supplier and installer team are committed to offering exceptional home audio and video solutions. As a prominent Steinway Lyngdorf provider and installation specialist in London, we collaborate closely with our clients to craft customised, premium audio experiences that truly enhance their living spaces.

Steinway Lyngdorf speakers
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Unparalleled Steinway Lyngdorf Audio Systems

Steinway Lyngdorf, a collaboration between the legendary piano maker Steinway & Sons and renowned audio engineer Peter Lyngdorf, is a high-end audio company that produces exceptional home audio systems and components. With a focus on precision and sound quality, Steinway Lyngdorf offers a range of speakers, amplifiers, and digital audio processors designed to deliver uncompromising audio performance.

Advanced technologies such as RoomPerfect, a proprietary room correction system, optimise audio performance in any room. And, using the highest-quality materials and construction techniques ensures the best possible sound. In addition to its audio products, Steinway Lyngdorf offers custom home theatre systems that provide a cinematic audio and visual experience in the comfort of your home, featuring 4K Ultra HD video, immersive surround sound, and intuitive control systems.

Steinway Lyngdorf Home Options

As a trusted Steinway Lyngdorf supplier and installer, Element 29 offers a range of home audio solutions to suit your needs and preferences:

Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Speaker System

Model D

The Model D is Steinway Lyngdorf’s flagship speaker system, renowned for its exceptional audio quality and elegant design. Featuring patented RoomPerfect technology, the Model D tailors its audio output to the unique acoustics of your space. And, with a range of customizable finishes, the Model D offers an unparalleled audio experience while seamlessly blending into your home’s decor.

Steinway Lyngdorf Model B Speaker System

Model B

The Model B is a compact, high-performance speaker system, designed to cater to both music enthusiasts and cinema lovers. Offering pure and natural sound reproduction, the Model B boasts a modular design that allows for flexible installation options. Like most Steinway Lyngdorf products, you can customise its appearance using different finishes to complement your home’s aesthetic.

P200 Surround Sound Processor

The P200 Surround Sound Processor is an innovative audio component that supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D, delivering a truly immersive home cinema experience. Equipped with RoomPerfect technology, the P200 intelligently adjusts its output based on your room’s unique acoustics to ensure optimal performance. This groundbreaking processor enhances your home theatre setup with exceptional, tailored surround sound.

Tailored Steinway Lyngdorf Installation Services

As a trusted Steinway Lyngdorf installer in London, our team has a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to staying current with the latest technology trends. Our Steinway Lyngdorf installers take the time to understand our client’s unique needs and preferences, allowing us to design and install personalised Steinway Lyngdorf solutions that meet their specific requirements.

 “To the credit of everyone at Element29, they remained flexible, helpful, patient, understanding and within budget! The end result is outstanding.”

 “Don’t think it’s possible to overstate the delight that we have experienced dealing with “Element 29” – from answering the most basic of questions to installing a sophisticated AV system with equal patience and good humour.

“The team on site were knowledgeable, professional, conscientious, respectful and polite. I would highly recommend!

Experience Steinway Lyngdorf with Element 29

Elevate your living space with the exceptional performance and precision of a Steinway Lyngdorf home audio system, meticulously designed and installed by the professionals at Element 29. 

Contact our Steinway Lyngdorf installers to discover more about our offerings or arrange a consultation.