One control to rule them all — The New Control4 Neeo

For years we’ve raved about the Control4 system, giving you full control of your home with simple-to-use and state-of-the-art accessories. From turning on your lights and locking the doors to theatre controls and shutting the blinds — you and your family can take command of nearly every device and system in the house in easy and fun-to-use ways. But now, with their latest accessory, the Neeo, Control4 is changing the way we view home automation and remote controls for good.

Here’s why we love the Neeo

The Design

If you thought their previous remotes looked great, you’re about to be stunned. The Neeo is a sleek, intuitive controller designed by Swiss engineers, built from machined aluminium, and has a gorgeous edge-to-edge 3.2” high-res touchscreen. It balances perfectly in your hand, and carefully treads the line between a high-end mobile phone and an ultra-modern remote. And whether you like a slight shine or a midnight metal, the Neeo comes in classy matte silver and a subtle black finish.

The Tech

Okay, we all love a product with a premium look and feel, but beauty doesn’t make up for lousy tech. However, the technology here is as spectacular as its shell. Running off a custom version of Control4’s innovative Smart Home OS3, the Neeo is a delight to use. Forget the hassle of pulling out your phone, unlocking the screen, and then navigating your way to an app. The crisp-pictured touch screen gives you advanced controls over every aspect of your home, with one-touch access to your most essential and favourite apps. Don’t want to take your eyes from the movie? No problem. Alongside the interactive display is a selection of hard-press rubber buttons, so you can control all the basics like volume without having to look down at what you’re doing.

The Extras

Tired of buying batteries? Perfect, you’re not going to need any here. The Neeo has a self-contained Li-ion battery and comes with its own matching docking station to charge it while you’re not using it. Confused about how it controls your home? It’s quite simple really. While the system itself will require a professional installation, the remote uses a connection to your WiFi to take full control of everything else on your network. Thinking of upgrading from an older remote? Don’t panic, it’s easy to update to the Neeo, and we’ll help you set everything back to exactly how you like it, with all the added extras.

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Having full-home control in your hands has never looked so good, been so simple to use, and offered such a wide range of customisation and capabilities. To talk about installing a new system, to find out more about how to upgrade your existing one, or to purchase a state-of-the-art Neeo Remote for yourself, contact our team today.

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