Our Process


How do you want to live in your home? How do you need to work in your workspace?

Every person is different; no two people are the same and for this reason we understand that people need to live and work in different ways.

Technology exists to enhance your life, it should not be an intrusion, a frustration or a hindrance; it should quietly and reliably support you in the background during your day-to-day life, consistently available whenever you need it.

Therefore the first stage of our process is to learn about you; how you want to live, how you need to work and how we can design a system that you can trust; a system that will work for you and, as importantly, you can enjoy.

Whether your need is for a one-room solution or a house-wide infrastructure, your system design will be created on the lifestyle information you provide at the onset.


When required our design team is available to produce bespoke CAD drawings undertaken for a fixed design fee which is detailed during the concept development stage.

From layout drawings outlining speaker locations, cable schematics, wiring infrastructure and elevations depicting screen positions, our design determines the system installation requirements for each Element 29 project team.

Project Management & Installation

Every project we manage has a dedicated Project Manager with the responsibility to oversee the whole project from start to finish.

The Project Manager will liaise with you and our project team, and will also manage our qualified installers’ onsite to ensure the concept that Element 29 has designed for you is fully realised in every respect.

Programming, Customisation & Commissioning

Our service is not superficial…we do not just bring out the polishing cloth to make your system look good, shiny and new.

We have a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the systems that need to be installed to meet your needs; we know all the nuances and intricacies and we make sure that your system is tailored and optimised for your own personal needs.

Should a control system be specified for any part of your installation we will always return, after the initial programming stage, to re-programme any aspect of functionality to meet your needs.


Following installation it is certainly not a case of “farewell, auf wiedersehen or adieu!”.

We are here to support you both through the stages outlined above, and beyond. Our maintenance contract is tailored to your individual system needs and also reflects the level of support you require.

In the event of any problem all you will need to do is to contact Element 29 by phone or by email and we will respond immediately.


Perhaps your intended project is not yet at the stage to consider the final system specification and installation requirements.

In this situation we can provide you with a consultation service which includes the designing of the infrastructure and a full specification if required.

This service is available for any type of project throughout the UK and Europe, be it for a large high end residential property or a multi-dwelling unit.