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At Element 29, we pride ourselves on being a premier KNX installer in London, dedicated to providing customised smart home automation solutions for clients who demand the very best. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in the design, supply, and installation of KNX systems, ensuring seamless integration and functionality tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

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Reimagine home automation

KNX is a global home and building automation system that connects various devices and technologies, creating a seamless communication network for your living spaces. Popular throughout Europe and gaining traction worldwide, KNX is the ideal solution for upgrading your home and building automation experience.

This innovative system is designed to manage a wide range of applications, such as lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation, security systems, and even audio-visual equipment. With its extensive flexibility and reliability, KNX makes customising your home or building automation easy to meet specific needs. You can control numerous automated tasks locally or remotely through user-friendly devices like smartphones or tablets, enhancing comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency throughout your spaces.


Control anything, from anywhere

Centralised Control

Manage all aspects of your living space, from lighting and heating to blinds and security systems, through a single user-friendly interface. KNX allows you to streamline your home automation for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Adaptive Lighting

Personalise brightness levels, set up lighting scenes, and schedule automated adjustments to match your daily routines. KNX empowers you to create the ideal ambience while enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

Climate Management

Automate temperature and ventilation settings, and integrate them with other home automation features for a seamless living experience. With KNX, you can optimise your home’s climate for comfort and energy conservation.

Security and Surveillance

Monitor and control access to your property, receive alerts for potential security breaches, and automate responses to emergencies. KNX offers peace of mind through smart, comprehensive security management.

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Expert KNX installation services

Selecting Element 29 as your KNX installer in London means choosing a team of dedicated professionals with an unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Our experienced KNX engineers have a deep understanding of the latest smart home technologies, ensuring your KNX lighting installation or complete home automation project meets your unique needs and preferences.

 “To the credit of everyone at Element29, they remained flexible, helpful, patient, understanding and within budget! The end result is outstanding.”

 “Don’t think it’s possible to overstate the delight that we have experienced dealing with “Element 29” – from answering the most basic of questions to installing a sophisticated AV system with equal patience and good humour.

“The team on site were knowledgeable, professional, conscientious, respectful and polite. I would highly recommend!

Create your dream smart home with our KNX Installers in London

Our team of skilled KNX professionals delivers customised smart home solutions, enhancing your daily life through seamless technology integration and unparalleled expertise. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience a truly connected home.

Take the first step towards an innovative smart home experience. Contact our expert KNX installers today.

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