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A home automation system is the ultimate addition to any residential property. With our bespoke home automation Chelsea service, we can help transform your interiors, control appliances, and utilities effortlessly, and even enhance the security of your home.

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Home Automation Chelsea: What Can You Automate?

A custom home automation system gives you the flexibility to automate as much or as little of your home as you choose, including:

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Create preset ‘moods’, rely on motion sensors to conserve energy, and illuminate the exterior of your home to maximise security with a home automation system for your Chelsea home.

Window Treatments

Set blinds and curtains to open and close at varying times or align control with sunrise and sunset times for optimal automation. Giving you seamless control over the flow of natural light into your home and optimal privacy, automated blinds and curtains make it easy to create an enhanced environment in every room.

Home Security

Keep your property safe and secure. Intercoms, door entry and CCTV systems can all be interwoven into a bespoke home security system that operates automatically for complete peace of mind. Combine alarms, motion sensors and motion-triggered lighting for optimal security whether you’re at home or away from the property.


Set automated timers and schedules for heating and cooling systems at different times of the year or select a preferred temperature and let your home automation system do the rest!

Home Security

From intercoms and door entry systems to CCTV and exterior lighting, there are many ways to make your home secure and, with home automation Chelsea, you can control every aspect of your security systems from a single, centralised location.

Home Automation Systems, Appliances and Accessories

At E29, our home automation Chelsea team works with the best home automation brands to bring you seamless functionality and optimal installations. If you’re looking for minimal or moderate automation, Lutron and Rako could be the ideal choice. However, our favoured brands for full home automation systems are:

Today, a whole host of fantastic brands offer appliances and accessories that can be integrated into home automation systems, including:

Simply let us know what brands you prefer, and our Chelsea team will design a custom home automation system that incorporates your chosen appliances and accessories.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Our Home Automation Chelsea Service?

Home automation can enhance your living environment in a variety of ways, including:

Save Energy

Reducing energy consumption is a top priority for many homeowners. If you’re eco-minded, you can rely on a custom home automation system to save energy and make your home more sustainable. With appliances and accessories automatically switching on and off as needed, there’s no need to worry about excess energy usage when you have a custom home automation system installed.


With custom home automation, it’s effortless to control every aspect of your property. From automated lighting to adjust the ambience to peace of mind with optimal home security settings, maintaining your property has never been easier.

Bespoke Design

Home automation shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our bespoke design ensures you benefit from the functionality and aesthetics that meet your needs and enhance your interiors.

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Leading Home Automation London Services

At E29, we’re committed to providing innovative and customised solutions to clients in and around London. Our experienced home automation Chelsea team has more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise, so you can trust us to provide enhanced home automation design, supply, and installation services.

By working with us from the outset, we can assist you in designing and creating that’s perfectly suited to your home and your lifestyle. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team in Chelsea or check out some of our recent home automation projects.

Check out some of our recent home automation projects in London to get inspired!

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