What does the Future Hold – Voice Automation?

Voice command devices (VCD) and services are certainly becoming an everyday occurrence these days, the constant improvements in the technology mean that the results are much more consistent than previously and so use in our everyday lives can be seen as a benefit. Voice control removes the need for understanding complex buttons, dials and switches and enables you to activate and control devices when you are otherwise busy or have your hands full. Much of the newer technology is capable of dealing with multiple voices and commands regardless of accent or dialect and can begin to imitate real conversation. We’re all familiar now with Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri, voice control for our in-car sat nav and call centre call direction but just what is available now and in the future for managing your home with your voice?

Managing your home with Voice Control

The possibilities for managing your home with your voice are limited only by your imagination. Imagine arriving home, the security system disarms and unlocks the doors at the sound of your voice which is handy as you’re carrying bags, you can command your home to light the way to your destination room, sadly it won’t unpack your bags and put things away, but don’t worry, robots are on the way and there’ll be more about that another time.

The Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Alexa is a great product to integrate with your automated home system. Already popular for playing music, asking questions and adjusting lighting but with your Control4 or Crestron system you can enable it to adjust entire room/home settings with one command.

You might have a “Good Morning” setting, where the blinds lift, your favourite radio station bursts into life, the lights, if needed, brighten. Maybe the coffee machine springs into action and the oven heats up ready for croissants? You may need to call out for a few groceries to be added to the online shop if you notice you’re getting low. As you leave the house for the day you can command your system to shut down, switching off all appliances, lights off and security system activated.

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Set the tone with Voice Activation

Depending on the way you live, it’s possible to configure a multitude of moods and occasion settings, with your own commands, for example;

“I’d like to relax in the Sitting Room”

  • The lighting is low although maybe a favourite reading lamp is brighter
  • Soft music plays through the in-ceiling speakers
  • The fire flickers on a low setting
  • The blinds smoothly drop
  • The thermostat adjusts to a comfortable setting

“I’m entertaining this evening”

  • Mood Lighting and heating
  • Party playlist throughout the house

“Let’s watch a Movie” or name the film in the command…

  • Projector and Screen activate
  • Surround sound system switches on
  • Lighting lowers as film starts
  • Window shades lowered
  • Rumble seats on standby

“Good Morning” “GoodNight” “Goodbye”

  • Total System start or shut down

There really is no limit to the commands and functions you would like your devices to perform and it’s all designed to make life easier, more comfortable, more energy efficient and more time liberating.

What’s not to like?

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