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Our home automation London service gives you the flexibility to control every aspect of your home using smart technology. With integrated home automation, you can combine multiple functions into one, easy-to-use system that simplifies your home management.

From maximising security with automated doors and locks and saving energy with HVAC and lighting automation to elevating your entertainment solutions with visual and audio automation, there are endless options when you create a custom home automation system with E29.

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Crestron home automation control from phone

What Parts of Your Home Can E29 Provide Home Automation For?

Our services ensure seamless functionality throughout your home, with a variety of automation options.

Our Home Automation London Services

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Turn lights on and off in areas or across the entire property with the touch of a button (or a simple voice command), initiate pre-programmed lighting scenes for pre-set levels and the ultimate ambience, action lights with movement and occupancy sensors for optimal security, or automate your home lighting at set times or in accordance with astronomic events.

Curtains and Blinds

Open and close window treatments in any room or set them to open and close at particular times or in line with astronomic events. Ensure a comfortable environment around the clock and enhance your privacy when you incorporate curtain and blind control into your home automation system.

Home Security

Keep your property safe and secure. Intercoms, door entry and CCTV systems can all be interwoven into a bespoke home security system that operates automatically for complete peace of mind. Combine alarms, motion sensors and motion-triggered lighting for optimal security whether you’re at home or away from the property.

Home Audio and Video Systems

Control your home’s home audio and video systems with remote control, app, touchscreen panel and/or voice control and enjoy the highest quality audio and video instantly. As well as using your home automation system to turn AV accessories on and off, you can rely on automated controls to set them to the optimal settings every time.

Heating and Cooling

Set schedules for different times of the year or simply set the temperature you want, and your home automation system will do the rest. Conserve energy and maximise comfort as you automate the heating and cooling systems room by room, in separate zones or throughout the entire property.

TV and Home Cinema

Take your entertainment solutions to the next level with automated TV and home cinemas from E29. Turn AV equipment on and off and enjoy enhanced audio and visual quality with pre-set AV settings via remote control, app, touchscreen panel and/or voice control in your family’s home cinema or media room. Alternatively, why not incorporate a weatherproof TV and outdoor speakers into your home automation system and extend your entertainment space to the garden too?

What Brands Do We Use For Our Home Automation London Services?

At E29, we design and install custom home automation systems that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. For maximum automation, we use Crestron, Control4 and KNX home automation systems, while Lutron and Rako are ideal for moderate automation.

Whether you’re looking for a Lutron installer, Crestron installers or planning a Rako installation, we ensure your favourite brands can be integrated into your system. See below for a list of other brands that we also work with:

So, if you’re looking for KNX installers in London, you need an expert Steinway Lyngdorf installer or you want to enhance your home with Bang and Olufsen installation or Silent Gliss installation, our expert team are on hand to help.

Home cinema system for home automation London project
Home automation: Control touch screen

What Are the Benefits of Home Automation For Your London Home?

Home automation makes it easy to control every element of your property, but this isn’t the only benefit on offer. With a custom home automation system, you can enhance security, save energy, and maximise your enjoyment of your surroundings. Combining convenience and comfort with smart technology, our home automation London team designs custom systems to meet your needs.

Why Choose E29 For Your Smart Home Installation in London?

With more than 20 years’ experience, we’re adept at designing, developing, and installing bespoke home automation systems that bring your ideas to life. To learn more about our approach, take a look at some of our recent projects now and discover why we’re one of the most trusted smart home installers in and around London.

Remember – involving us from the get-go means we can design your home automation system from the ground up and ensure that every element is fully compatible. To find out more or to start planning your home automation project in London, contact our team today.

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Check out some of our recent home automation projects in London to get inspired!

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