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At Element 29, we aim to elevate your living experience with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled expertise. As a leading Rako installer, dealer and engineer in London, we specialise in delivering bespoke Rako lighting installations that seamlessly blend innovation, style, and functionality.

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The Future of Lighting Control

Rako, a UK-based manufacturer, delivers cutting-edge lighting control solutions for a modern and convenient living experience. Their innovative systems offer wired and wireless options for controlling lights and window treatments, providing unparalleled flexibility in managing your home’s ambience.

You can easily control any connected lighting fixture or window treatment using a keypad or the Rako app, and even opt for voice control for hands-free convenience. Create and recall custom lighting scenes or window treatment settings with just a button. Enjoy the ability to trigger actions based on movement, occupancy sensors, specific times of the day, or astronomic events like sunset or sunrise.

Why choose Rako?

They deliver a lighting control system that is creative, easy to install and cost-effective. They’ve created one of the most advanced lighting systems globally, offering wired and wireless solutions that deliver the same functionality, seamless integration, and spectacular user experience.

Their switching plates come in a wide variety of designs, matching every home aesthetic. You can choose from the Classic Plate, EOS Plate, or Modular Plate designs, which are compatible with both wired and wireless systems. Or, opt for a hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds.

In addition to lighting control, they have developed hardware that simplifies the integration and management of lighting control, making it easier than ever to create a fully connected and harmonious home environment. With Rako products, you can enjoy a tailored lighting control experience that exceeds your expectations.

Expert Rako installers in London

At Element 29, our Rako dealers, suppliers and installers in London specialise in providing top-notch Rako lighting installations tailored to your needs. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we ensure seamless lighting control systems integration into people’s homes and businesses.

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 “To the credit of everyone at Element29, they remained flexible, helpful, patient, understanding and within budget! The end result is outstanding.”

 “Don’t think it’s possible to overstate the delight that we have experienced dealing with “Element 29” – from answering the most basic of questions to installing a sophisticated AV system with equal patience and good humour.

“The team on site were knowledgeable, professional, conscientious, respectful and polite. I would highly recommend!

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Embrace smart lighting

Illuminate your home with the unparalleled elegance and convenience lighting systems, expertly installed by Element 29’s professional Rako installers. 

Experience the magic of lighting control – contact our Rako engineer London team today.