Light Up your Life – Literally

Every house has lighting and so it’s often one of the first areas that can be looked at when it comes to deciding about how to begin automating your home.

In previous blogs we’ve talked a lot about home automation and how lighting automation is part of that solution, in this blog we’re going to take a more detailed look at the lighting system within a smart, automated home.

There’s a variety of solutions available on the market but there are two brands our home automation London team specialise in, Lutron and Rako. Whilst the end result is similar there are a number of reasons why you may choose one over the other. Let’s take a look.

Lutron Lighting Automation

As a lighting supplier, Lutron have been a leader in their field for over 50 years, based out of Pennsylvania and with a worldwide presence they develop cutting edge, wired in, premium solutions to suit most households or commercial properties.

With a focus on energy saving, integration and connectivity, Lutron offers a huge amount of flexibility not just as far as lighting systems go but with shading treatments too. They have developed their own range of window treatments that fully integrate with your automated lighting system in a range of colours and styles to suit the environment you are developing.

You can operate your system, to include all your equipment and temperature controls, in a number of ways with sleek designed wall-plates/dimmers, to a keypad or by voice (Alexa). Integration with third party products is also seamless.

You should consider Lutron if you are in the process of developing a new build property or are in the position to renew your lighting system in terms of it being newly rewired.

Rako Lighting Automation

Rako are a British company and established leader in the supply of automated lighting products. Offering integrated and connected wired in systems as well as the added benefit of retro-fit wireless solutions when it’s not possible to rewire or build up from new.

With a comprehensive range of control panels and cover plates that can be flush or surface mounted without wires so no need for a backplate, installing a Rako system couldn’t be easier. The modules and racks can be wireless or wired in and can provide a multitude of different automation options depending on your needs for lighting, window treatments and also motorised screens.

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Rako have collaborations with a number of manufacturers of motorised home products such as SilentGliss (motorised blinds) for seamless integration and to enable you to develop a bespoke system of your own design.

Rako is an excellent choice for automated lighting and shade control especially if you have to work with an incumbent wiring system.

Operating Your System

Both Lutron and Rako have their own apps designed so that you can control your system at the touch of a button or screen via your smartphone or tablet. Both brands integrate with your Amazon Alexa to give the option of adding your lighting system to your other voice controlled systems.

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