Consumer Electronic Show (CES) – Las Vegas

For those not in the know there’s a technology event held every January in Las Vegas called CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This is a global stage for innovators and breakthrough technologies, a place for them to showcase the digital future and demonstrate new ideas and products that are pre launch or just about to come to market. Anyone with any interest or commercial venture involved in technology follows closely what’s going on there.

Our home automation installation team like to keep our finger on the pulse with emerging tech so that we can ensure we are informed and can deliver exciting new products and solutions to our customers.

Highlights From CES

1. Sony LSPX-A1

This is quite simply a thing of beauty, an ultra short throw projector with built in speakers. You wouldn’t be installing this in a dedicated cinema space, this sits seamlessly and discreetly in your sitting room or living space.It features a marble top and a wooden shelf and for all intents and purposes looks like a side table. It’s a lifestyle product with some seriously sleek technology. Check it out on this link here.

2. ​Panasonic FZ950 & FZ800​

Panasonic have grown their range of TVs to include the world’s first OLED TVs supporting HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology with four new models across two ranges. Panasonic, collaborating with Hollywood giant Delux, market these as bringing Hollywood to your home. These OLED based screens are used by post production studios in Hollywood due to the quality of the image and video processing. Click for website

3. LG SmartThinq

LG have launched a range of smart Kitchen appliances which are operational using the LG SmartThinq App. The App enables you to manage your LG Smart appliances from your mobile phone or tablet to provide convenience with minimum fuss. What’s more the technology is intelligent and will learn your regular habits and so therefore be able to anticipate your needs. It’s built on an open platform and so will work with evolving smart technologies and devices for the future. We’ll wait and see whether they decide to open up the API so we fully integrate these products into a smart home control system.  Click for website

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4. Samsung The Wall

First of all they had the Frame, now the Wall​. A whopping 146″ LED screen-what more is there to say? It’s the world’s first consumer modular, MicroLED 146” TV showing how television is now offering consumers incredible viewing experiences whilst still being a central Smart Hub for everyday living.  Click for more

5. LG – Concept Rollable TV

Roll up! Roll up! LG have developed a 65″ TV that you can roll up into a box. Quite simply one of the most incredible advances we’ve seen. It’s still in concept stage but check out the video below to see it in action. The screen rolls up and down into a box and changes screen size according to your needs. It would fit discreetly into bed ends or other furniture and so completely discreet when not in use.


6. LG HU80KA –  Projector

Don’t fancy the size or price tag of the Sony projector? How about a portable 4K projector from LG? Not one for your dedicated Cinema room but nonetheless winning an award for ‘Best of Innovation’ at CES is no mean feat. Offering you the ability to have a movie theatre experience in any room of your home with up to 150” display size and 4K picture quality. It launches in April 2018.  Click for more

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