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Home Audio System Installation Across London

We specialise in audio system installation and can assist with the design, supply and installation of many different types of home audio systems in and around London. From multi room audio systems that allow you to listen to various audio sources, including your own music library in multiple locations throughout a property – to a surround sound system that recreates the ‘cinema experience’ or just a simple stereo setup to create a listening room.

Home audio system. Photo of floor standing speakers for a residential project
Home cinema system for home automation London project

Designing The Perfect Home Audio System

Before starting a home audio installation project, we first need to understand where in a property the audio system will need to be located, and how you plan to use it.

Considerations for a Audio System Installation Include:

  1. Selecting whether the audio system is internal or external
  2. Understanding how you would best like to use the system e.g. for music streaming, surround sound, TV, listening to vinyl and much more.

These initial conversations help us to design an effective bespoke audio system – whether it be a simple two channel setup, surround sound setup or a multiroom audio system.

Additionally, this stage helps us to understand the best way the system can be controlled. We supply control solutions including an app for phone and/or tablet, a dedicated in-wall or table top control panel for a control system, voice control or integrated control onto lighting control system keypads.

Our aim when designing a bespoke audio system is to not only supply great sound, but also seamlessly integrate tech without compromising on the interior design of a home.

Audio system installation: Retrofit for residential project
Home cinema installers in London


We can design and supply audio systems without refurbishing a property. Our specialist technicians will fit all necessary systems to suit the preexisting room layout.


When installed, we make sure all audio systems work with the overall design of a home, fitting within any construction or space restrictions.

Speakers Types We Supply Include:

  • In ceiling speakers
  • In wall or on wall speakers
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Floorstanding speakers
  • Invisible speakers (plaster over) for internal spaces.
  • For external spaces speakers may be surface mounted or designed to be hidden with foliage or groundworks.
Audio Systems - Steinway Lyngdorf vs Artcoustic

Multi-Room Sound System Installations

Having sound that seamlessly travels throughout a property can change the way we experience audio. For example, installing a multi-room audio system can help to transform your home by allowing you to combine speakers in multiple rooms continuing to play music in different areas of the home.

A multi room audio system will allow you to play music throughout a property all at once; in any combination from multiple sources or a single source.

You will be able to play different music in various rooms creating multi audio zones. Play various tracks around the house differing from room to room combining different speaker types.

Our Audio System Installation Brands & Integrations

We are proud to supply and install high end audio systems from brands such as Sonos, Artcoustic, Bowers & Wilkins and Sonance creating a bespoke, high end audio solution for your home.

Integrations to streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music are offered when connecting an audio system with either Crestron, Crestron Home, Control4 & Sonos home automation. When installing your bespoke audio system, we look to not only supply the products available for the desired space, but also aim to give you maximum control with easy to use home automation.

Bowers & Wilkins home audio system

Brands we work with:

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