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Control4 allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. With one touch, dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system.

Our Control4 Installers London team understand the importance of being able to control your technology easily and efficiently. The combination of Control4, alongside our ability to implement it successfully, makes this a standout solution for many instances.

Our team have a combined professional career of over 20 years in the home automation industry. Working from our South London office, our Control4 Installers London team supply and install Control4 systems in properties throughout the UK and Europe.

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Control4 – The Ultimate Smart Home

Control4 is just one of the home automation systems our team offers.

Our Control4 installers here in London can design & install systems that help operate your household including lighting, entertainment, security, other connected devices and monitor energy giving you comfort and convenience at the touch of a button. What’s great is you can start small with your system and add more functionality as and when you choose.

Control4 home automation is designed with simplicity and outstanding user experience at its heart which is one of the real benefits.

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One Universal Remote

At the centre of the system is a universal remote control which can be added to as you grow your system enabling you to reduce the clutter of different controls for different devices. Control4 has its own Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) so that other devices with the protocol embedded, of which there are over 10,000, can be easily discovered on the network for simple connection and controllability.

Home Entertainment – The Ultimate Home Video/Audio Experience

Whether you want to use your Blu-Ray, Satellite, XBox, Apple TV, stream audio or your own music library, your remote will also automatically select the correct input removing the complexity of figuring it out for yourself.

Control4 For Your Home Cinema

Your Home Cinema really comes to life with Control 4. Just touching the ‘Movie’ button and the projector screen will drop, the lights adjust and the surround sound system seamlessly fire up, no need for equipment and set top boxes, they can all be hidden from view in a cupboard somewhere.

Streaming high resolution music anywhere and everywhere is straightforward and can be set up for any room, time of day, activity and mood all automated according to how you live.

Control4 For Multi Room Video

Control4 also offers multi-room video, you can share your entire video library, stream video and satellite channels without the need for set top boxes and clutter, again, that’s all hidden from view discreetly in a cupboard.

It can also drop the blinds, adjust the thermostat and dim the lights if that’s your wish for a more immersive experience.

Control4 For Smart Lighting

Lighting can create a real difference in your home whether you’re incorporating it into a new build or retrofitting into an older property, the possibilities are endless. You can customise and integrate your lighting alongside your entertainment system, for instance, if you pause the film the lights brighten, with motion sensors the lights turn on and off as and when you leave or enter a room and if you’re away from home your system can be set to alternate lighting to appear as though the house is occupied.

Control 4 For Voice Control

Voice Control lighting is another great addition. Using a product like Amazon’s Alexa you can ask Alexa to light the way in your home when your hands are full, or maybe reduce the lighting by 40% if you have a cosy dinner and even, once in bed, request that everything is turned off.

With centralised lighting there’s no need for banks of switches on the wall, just elegant keypads that are customised to support not just lighting and entertainment but also your home security and HVAC.

It’s not just the interior of your home where the lighting can be automated. A Control 4 system can also control beautiful lighting scenes in your outdoor space whether it’s for entertaining or just lighting up your favourite features, it can also be set to turn on and off in unison with the sun setting and rising. Perimeter lights can set to flash should your security system be triggered drawing your attention to unusual activity, all offering peace of mind.

Control4 for Comfort and Convenience

All your creature comforts are taken care of with a Control4 system. It will integrate with your existing heating, ventilation, climate system so that you can adjust the thermostat by voice, smart phone or touch pad, to maximise how efficiently you use your energy.

Control 4 work with leading brands such as QMotion and Lutron to offer the best in automated blind and shade window treatments. Again with voice, touchpad or smartphone you can adjust the blinds independently or configure the blinds to work in unison with the lighting and thermostat.

Outside you can use your Control 4 App to control pool settings or jacuzzi jets or even set your sprinklers or lawn treatments to work according to the weather.

Control4 For Home Security

For security and convenience you can use the Control4 app as a video intercom, you can see who’s at the front door, open the gate, or keep an eye on your youngster while they’re sleeping. You may just want to speak to someone in another part of the house or call them to the table for dinner! If you’re away from home you can still keep an eye on things. You can set alerts if something isn’t right, maybe a door has been left unlocked or a leak has been detected, you can arm and disarm your security system remotely and grant access when necessary. The choice is yours and the options limitless.

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