A Week In The Life Of A Home Automation London Company

In this blog, we are giving you an insight into what an average week looks for our home automation company here in London.

Last week was a very varied week. We commissioned a family house in Epsom, rescued a house from an explosion of cables and upgraded a CCTV system. Keep reading to out how!

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Home Automation Company: Weekly Project Insight

1. Epsom Project


As mentioned above, we commissioned a family home in Epsom. The original enquiry came about last February from a family wanting a home cinemaaudio, video and Wi-Fi systems throughout their home as part of a home renovation.

To begin the process, our home automation experts had an initial consultation with the client, mapping out what they wanted, what would work best and what would suit them, their needs and their budget. With this information in hand, we were able to produce a quotation along with a scope of the work for the client to look through and consider.

Next Steps:

Once the quotation was approved the next step was to produce the design documentation to help the onsite build team understand what was required. This included installing cables, preparing openings for speaker installation, and reinforcing walls to support a TV installation.

Element 29’s onsite works run throughout projects like this, terminating sockets, fitting speakers, running cables, building the audio visual rack and generally trying to concealing the technology where possible, in this case, the basement.

Home Cinema:

The home cinema room in the basement was a 5.1 surround sound system comprising of Bowers & Wilkins  CWM  Cinema 7 in wall speakers and a ASW610XP subwoofer with a 77 inch Samsung screen dealing with the video side of the system.

Upstairs was a smaller screen connected to a Sonos Playbar. Both areas are connected to a Denon audio video receiver allowing shared video sources such as Apple TV and X-Box to be viewed on both screens.

Home Control:

Control of the systems in these areas was simplified with the installation of a Control-4 SR260 remote control allowing the client to control all the devices, at the touch of a button from one single remote control.

Wifi Coverage:

Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home is always a minimum with our installations and it was no different on this project. Further audio zones were added in the kitchen, dining and garden areas through Sonos and the icing on the cake was integrating the Control4 system with Amazon Echo. Now the client can ask Alexa to turn on the TV!

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2. CCTV Upgrade

Meanwhile, other members of our home automation team had a request to upgrade a CCTV system in a home in Richmond, South West London. The home owners travelled frequently, so they wanted a CCTV system they could monitor in the house and, most importantly whilst they were away.

Their current system didn’t allow this reliably, so armed with some Lilin cameras and an NVR (network video recorder) we set to work removing the old and in with the new. Home or away, this client now has instant access to the CCTV in their home.

3. Spaghetti Junction Of Cables

Our last job this week was was dealing with the nitty gritty of our type of installs, the backbone of any system, cabling!  50+ audio visual related cables hanging from the corner of a utility room ceiling.

Installed by the electrical contractor, the client needed a company to tame the beast and terminate the cables. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got on with restoring relative calm and serenity into the room. Now all the cables are terminated into a distribution panel, tested, labelled and ready for connecting to any of the clients audio visual equipment.

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