CEDIA Accredited Home Cinema Design And Installation Company In London

We are a CEDIA accredited home cinema design & installation London company, providing bespoke home cinema solutions to suit the size and budget for your home. Working closely with architects, builders and interior designers allows us to provide you with the best solution right from the initial planning stages, and making sure it fits in with the style of your home.

Whether you want to watch a high-action blockbuster, binge watch the latest series of Game of Thrones, or be the hero in Call of Duty, you want to make sure you have the best environment with which lose yourself in.

When it comes to creating a home cinema, there is more to it than just plugging the screen in and pressing play. Here are a few things to consider when planning your home cinema project in London.

Creating the Perfect Environment

Think about the installation space. It may sound obvious, but the fewer the windows, the better the environment, as any light leaking into the room can interfere with the display screen. Many people have their cinema rooms in the basement for this reason. If you don’t have the capacity to utilise a basement, consider investing in black-out blinds as well as thick curtains to eliminate as much light as possible.

Wherever possible, try and carpet the room and use soft furnishings. This isn’t just so the home cinema design looks and feels nice, but it’s also a simple and effective way to improve the acoustics of a space. The more reflective the surroundings i.e rooms that are tilled, the more chance there is of audio distortion.

Sound Brilliance in Home Cinema Design

Home cinema design: Speaker set up

The usual entry level surround system is a 5.1 system. This is made up of three channels/speakers (front left, front right and centre) and the .1 (the subwoofer), which is usually placed in front of you. Set the seating position in the centre of the space with the speakers equidistant from you, with the two rear channels either side of you. Not only will this give you an optimal viewing position, but this also maximises the surround sound.

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Navigating Angle, Distance, and Height

Home cinema design: Pull down projector screen

When it comes to home cinema design, the elements of angle, distance, and height from your display screen play a pivotal role. The best viewing angle is between 30-40 degrees from your nose and the edges of the screen. This means that you can view the entire screen keeping eye movement to a minimum.

For an enhanced home cinema design, you should be seated roughly 2 times the diagonal distance of your screen away from the screen e.g 130 inches/1.3 metres from a 65″ screen. Finally the height of your screen should be set so that the centre of your display is level with your eye line. Don’t panic if this all sounds confusing and complicated.

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