Modern Challenges of Home Video Distribution Systems

This past month, some of us were using a video distribution to watch The World Cup. Others of us were enjoying Love Island, and some of us were busy catching up on Zoella’s latest videos on Youtube. Whether we like it or not, we all want to be watching and streaming different content throughout the house.

Managing the Tech of a Video Distribution System

The last thing we want is to be tripping over each others cables and devices piled high next to each TV within our home.

We may all have differing TV-watching tastes, but we’d rather have one system to control all the TVs and content . Let’s face it, different remote controllers and equipment and lots of wiring not only clutters the house, but the mind too.

There is a way to simplify a home video distribution system, having one platform that is barely noticeable.

What Are My Home Video Distribution System Options?

There are two methods for video distribution in the home:

  1. Video over an IP system (Just Add Power)
  2. Video over a CAT-6/7 cable using a video matrix (Wyrestorm)

Both home video distribution systems allow you to have all your video sources (Sky and Virgin receivers, Apple TVs, Bluray players) installed in a discrete central location (usually under the stairs, in a loft space or a unused cupboard) and then view and control these video sources on all the TVs around the house. The amount of video sources and TVs you have connected is completely down to you.

1. Just Add Power

Just Add Power is a video over IP system which gives you a lot of choice – it is easy to adapt to any size of project, and even add to it as time goes by. In short it takes a video signal and converts it into a signal that can distributed via your data network i.e router.

You just need a Just Add Power transmitter for each video source and a Just Add Power receiver for each TV. They all then connect to a data switch (an extension of your router) , and then you are free to watch and stream your chosen programme on your chosen TV.

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All the devices (sky boxes, DVD players etc) can be stored in a central hub, so all you need to do turn the television on and watch.

Just add power transmitter

2.  Wyrestorm

Wyrestorm provides a slightly different option by sending video signals over CAT6 cable to give a high quality video transmission around the entire home.  You just need a Wyrestorm receiver for each TV and then a Wyrestorm video matrix installed in a central location connected to all your video devices. You’re then free to watch whatever you want, where you want.

Wyrestorm home video distrubution

Looking To Install a Home Video Distribution System?

Our home automation experts can help you choose the right home video distribution system for your needs but both options make sure that video is delivered into your  home seamlessly, complete with wires and equipment hidden away behind walls and in cupboards – a truly integrated solution.

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