This summer in particular we seem to be having a bonanza of sport: The World Cup, Wimbledon, England vs Australia in the cricket, and what’s even better is that summer is finally here, which means beautiful summer of long summer days with endless blue skies and evenings – perfect to enjoy an outdoor cinema!

With summer having arrived, it seems a shame to retreat to the indoor television to watch the sport when the garden is just so inviting, so why not watch the World Cup in your garden?

How about actually watching England vs Belgium in the World Cup outdoors? There is a solution to not miss the weather or the World Cup.

Simple Outdoor Cinema Solution

The simplest way to bring the World Cup to your garden, is to install a projector and projection screen.

Once the projector is powered up, a connection to your wifi from a device like your smartphone or tablet will enable you to stream your favourite games to your screen.  A simple solution, which can be taken down when the (inevitable) rain comes, or indeed you fancy your own staging your own football tournament and don’t fancy it being a makeshift goal target.

Outdoor screens for sport and films

Permanent Outdoor Cinema Solution

If you do want a more permanent solution, there is, of course, a weather-proof television. Ideal for Christmas movies around a fire pit, when the World Cup is done and dusted, and of course ready for future sport-filled summers.

Aquavision Outdoor TVs

Aquavision provide a range of outdoor televisions. Not only are these televisions created to be as stylish as possible, but with a Pinacle Smart TV platform, they are fully compatible to integrate any other system with them.

Whichever  option you chose, the system needs to have sound. It’s easy enough to quite literally, plant your speakers within the flowerbeds to make the sound system as discreet as possible, but importantly, no compromise to the sound quality, so every GOOOAAALLLLL is crystal clear.

permanent outdoor cinema in your garden

Sonance Outdoor Speakers

Sonance has a range specifically designed speakers for outdoor spaces. With Sonance you are guaranteed  excellent sound, and also they are designed to fit into any garden and patio scheme. A mixture of satellite speakers and subwoofers can easily be hidden between plants and flowers and can provide sound to a 2000 metre squared area. Of course all systems are totally scalable to the size of the area.

Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

Alternatively, our Bowers & Wilkins installation team can provide wall-mounted speakers which are of course, weather proof and the high quality sound performance you expect from B&W.

Outdoor Cinema Becomes Home Cinema

And of course, once the World cup is won and the trophy lifted, there’s no need to get rid of your outdoor TV and audio system – you’ve got all the components for an outdoor home cinema. The possibilities are endless.

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