The living room, a place where families come together to enjoy their favourite TV shows, Friday-night horror movies, and lazy-Sunday classic films — but what if separate screens around the home interfere with our treasured moments on the sofa? In fact, a recent study by Epson found that families are spending less time together than ever, with more than 55% of parents agreeing that separate screens are already affecting family time.

So, what’s the solution?

A single, unmatched, cinematic experience. What better way to bring them together and get the kids away from their own screens than having the ultimate home-cinema system in a shared family space? Nearly two-thirds of parents believe that a cinematic viewing experience could help bring their family closer, and 74% say that the living room is essential to family time.

The options

When it comes to creating your immersive entertainment system, there are a few things that you should consider. How bright is the room? Are you even planning to watch TV during the day? And, what kind of space do you have? These are just some of the questions that you have to answer before diving into one of the most important, and more expensive features of your home.

Projector vs TV

It’s the big-screen battle – a fight that most people don’t know the details of. Sure, if you’re simply watching Love Island and calling it a night, then a TV is the clear winner. But what if you want more from your viewing experience? With a projector, you could feel like you’re in the cinema every night of the week, with the same Hollywood-style wide-angle viewing experience and room-filling picture. Both devices have their pros and cons, so we’ll break down the key points that you need to know.



Screen Size

There’s no question that projectors offer the best size and screen ratio options for home cinema systems, so you can watch movies as the filmmaker intended.


When done properly, your projector and screen can be tucked away and out of sight when you’re not using them, only to drop jaws when you turn them on.


While initially, the setup could cost you more, long term repairs could cost less, and the price-per-inch on sizing is far better.

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Any form of ambient light, even the slightest bit creeping under the curtains, could affect the image quality. Blackout blinds and curtains can help here.

Connectivity and placement

More thought will need to be put into the placement of the projector, the screen, and how it’ll connect to other devices like Apple TV.


It’s a con too. A large, high-quality projector will cost more than a smaller, but equally as good tv.



Better in light

TVs simply perform better in brighter rooms. While glare can still be a problem, you can simply angle the screen away, unlike a fixed projector.


While advancements in projector technology are made every day, TVs are still simpler to use, require less planning to set up, and aren’t fixed to a single position (unless you wall mount)


A 4K HDR screen with integrated FreeviewHD is going to cost you a lot less than its projector counterpart.


Screen size

If you’ve got the space, and you want a full cinema experience, screen size matters. And TVs are limited to around 80”, while projectors can reach 300”.


This might not be something you’ve considered, but the bright, front-facing LEDs of a TV screen aren’t as kind to your eyes, compared to the reflective light viewed from a projector.


Flat-screen TVs with small bezels and shallow stands take up more room living than a projector, especially when they’re not wall mounted.

So, who wins?

Simply put, neither. Both systems have their own individual benefits, and it really comes down to your space, your entertainment needs and dreams, and what your budget will allow. And if you’ve read all of this, and you’re still unsure of the solution for you, don’t panic. Our experienced team can help you to measure, plan, install, and advise you every step of the way, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best experience possible.

Come speak to us, and let’s get your family back together for the moments that make your day.

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