Smart lighting control systems incorporate automated functionality and effortless control to deliver seamless performance and unrivalled convenience. From single-room settings to full-property automation, there are endless ways to create the perfect lighting setting with an automated control system.

As specialists in smart lighting control systems, we have extensive experience in designing, supplying, and installing custom automated lighting systems across London. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, our talented team is on hand to provide the bespoke and professional service you require.

What Is a Lighting Control System?

A bespoke lighting control system is designed to provide convenience and flexibility to ensure you have the perfect lighting setting at any time of day.

To achieve maximum functionality, individual lights are wired to automated lighting dimmers. This allows each light to be automatically adjusted to your preference and/or to preset lighting levels. Conventional light switches are replaced with your choice of automated lighting switches or keypads and a centralised lighting processor controls the entire system, allowing lights throughout the property to be controlled via a single keypad or lighting switch.

home lighting control system keypad

Lighting Control Systems: What Are the Benefits?

Lighting control systems are an increasingly popular form of home automation due to the benefits they offer, such as:

1. Streamlined Control

Lighting control systems allow you to adjust individual lighting levels, modify lighting in one room, or control lighting throughout your home at the touch of a button. In fact, it’s the most convenient way to manage the lighting in your property. With instant access to preset lighting levels, you can create an optimal environment easily and effortlessly.

2. Safety and Security

Lighting plays an important role in keeping your home safe and secure, so it’s not surprising that automated lighting control systems can optimise home security. Both interior and exterior lighting can be incorporated into your automated system, to ensure bespoke lighting settings across your property.

Whether you choose to align the lighting with sunrise and sunset times, set custom presets, activate ‘holiday mode’ so the property always looks occupied, or utilise motion sensors to activate lights when movement is detected, you can be confident that customised lighting control systems will give you peace of mind and added security.

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3. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a top priority for today’s homeowners and installing a lighting control system can reduce your energy consumption. Instead of lights being left on when they’re not needed, automated settings will ensure lighting is only activated when it’s required. What’s more – energy efficient lighting options and bulbs further reduce energy usage and help to make your home more environmentally friendly.

4. Enhanced Interiors

Lighting can – and should – be used to enhance your interior design, but you’ll need a range of lighting options to make the most of your environment. With multiple preset options, you can adjust the ambience in any room instantly and showcase your interiors to perfection.

5. Phone and Tablet Control

To ensure maximum convenience, a lighting control system can be controlled via phone and/or tablet, as well as via keypads and lighting switches. Wherever you are, a user-friendly app gives you complete control over your lighting and allows you to modify the settings as required.

What Brands Should You Choose for a Lighting Control System?

When you’re designing a lighting control system, the brand you choose has a huge impact on functionality, performance, and aesthetics. At E29, we’ve worked on numerous lighting control systems and our experience has allowed us to identify the best lighting control brands as:

Lutron lighting control with wireless keypad

Rako Lighting Installation, Control4 Lighting, Lutron Lighting Installation, or a Crestron Lighting Control System?

Rako, Control4, Lutron, and Crestron all offer enhanced lighting control systems that work in a similar way and deliver optimal performance. Essentially, any of these brands will allow you to create a bespoke lighting control system that complements any home.

However, the switches and keypads available with each brand do differ, so you may prefer one brand over another due to the aesthetics. To find out more about which brand is best for your lighting control system, talk to one of our in-house specialists now.