When it comes to home audio automation, both Sonos and Control4 are big-name brands that deliver exquisite sound quality and seamless functionality. Of course, finding the right multiroom audio solution depends on your listening preferences, lifestyle and property, which is why we’re putting Sonos vs Control4 to the test!

Sonos or Control 4: Which is right for you?

Specialising in smart home sound systems, Sonos offers a wide range of audio equipment that can be integrated into a single, intelligent smart system. Pitched as ‘pioneers of wireless audio’, Sonos technology is known for optimal performance, so you can be confident that you’ll enjoy an exceptional audio experience with a Sonos multiroom smart system.

Delivering a wide range of home automation solutions, Control4 offers multiroom audio functionality as part of its ‘whole home’ approach. However, this doesn’t detract from the sound quality of music, films, podcasts, audiobooks and more. From handcrafted speakers and made-to-order soundbars, Control4 multiroom audio equipment is perfect for audiophiles.

Crucially, Control4 can be used for additional automation, such as smart home security, lighting and home cinemas, while Sonos is distinct as a multiroom audio solution.

Sonos: An Independent Music Solution

Combining best-in-class acoustics with state-of-the-art software, Sonos prides itself on delivering exceptional quality. To find out more, take a look at what a Sonos multiroom audio system can offer:

Features and Functionality

A range of audio products allows you to build a custom Sonos system that’s truly unique. From in-ceiling and outdoor speakers to soundbars, headphones and subwoofers, Sonos maximises home audio functionality and enables you to stream content from more than 50 services.

User Experience

Sonos products have discreet physical controls but it is the Sonos app and voice control-enabled Sonos devices that really elevate the UX. Create presets via the app and bring your content together in a single, digital location for customisable controls and effortless listening.

Sound Quality

If you want a multiroom audio solution that prioritises audio quality – Sonos doesn’t disappoint! Oscar-winning engineers are behind the company’s audio tech, so every speaker, soundbar or subwoofer is designed to deliver optimal sound quality. From Dolby Atmos and Trueplay to humidity resistant speakers and dynamic head tracking headphones, every element of a Sonos system is built for a next-level audio experience.


Many people choose a Sonos multiroom audio solution when they are primarily looking for audio automation, but this doesn’t mean you have to use Sonos in isolation. As well as using the Sonos app and voice control-enabled speakers, you can control Sonos via a third-party system (such as Control4!) to combine it with additional automation solutions.


No matter what type of environment you’re in, Sonos will deliver the right audio experience. Customise your settings and create new sound presets via the app to create the right atmosphere at home, work or outdoors.


Sonos is all about innovation and you can scale your system with the latest Sonos devices. Whether you’re kitting out a new home cinema, planning seamless multiroom functionality or integrating automated audio into your workspace, you can incorporate additional speakers and devices with ease via Sonos wireless connectivity.

Reliability and Support

Sonos products are known for their reliability and our in-house experts are always on hand to provide any support you might need. As well as professional installation from Element 29, you’ll have peace of mind via the Sonos warranty, software updates and troubleshooting guides.

Value Proposition

As a standalone audio automation system, Sonos is second-to-none. The entire Sonos range is exquisitely designed by true audio experts and encompasses an impressive selection of audio equipment. With user-friendly app control, versatile wireless connectivity and futureproof functionality, Sonos is hard to beat if you’re after a multiroom audio system.

Control4: Expanding Beyond Ordinary Music Systems

A recognised home automation leader, Control4 pushes the boundaries with its ‘whole home’ solutions. Its flexibility and functionality make Control4 a popular option if you want to integrate devices from multiple brands into a single automated control system or you want to install a multiroom smart system. To learn more, take a look at what Control4 can offer:

Integrated Home Automation

Control4 really does offer everything you can think of – and more! Alongside its audio offering, Control4 offers seamless integration with smart security, lighting, entry systems, window treatments, climate control and home cinema.

Multiroom Audio Solution

With Control4, you can synchronise audio playback across multiple rooms or zones for uninterrupted sound, maximum convenience and unrivalled flexibility.

Customization and Personalization

Automation should make your life easier, which is why Control4 empowers users to create custom audio experiences. Whatever your preferences, you can personalise audio settings to ensure a unique audio environment that’s tailored to you. With added integration, such as lighting and window treatments, you can even create customised ‘scenes’ that deliver the perfect atmosphere at the touch of a button.

Streaming Service Integration

The most popular apps are included as standard on Control4 systems, so it’s easy to find your favourite shows, music, podcasts or audiobooks. With an extensive range of streaming services available, you can enhance your audio options with custom playlists, recommended podcasts, shared songs and the latest releases.

Voice Control Integration

Control4 offers a wide range of options when it comes to managing your home automation system. As well as optional touchpads, touchscreens, keypads and apps, you can use voice control to activate and adjust audio playback for convenience and flexibility.

Expandability and Future-Proofing

The scalability of the Control4 system ensures it can continually evolve to match your needs. If you want to incorporate the latest devices or add new automation, you can simply integrate them into your existing setup and enjoy increased functionality.

Enhanced User Experience

As well as pitch-perfect sound and immersive audio, Control4 offers a customisable UX that’s effortless to use. Choose from touchscreens, touchpads, a centralised app and/or voice control and create personalised settings and scenes for a seamless UX.

Professional Installation and Support

With professional installation and support from Element 29, you can get the most out of your Control4 system and enjoy enhanced functionality with on-demand support.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Built-in energy-saving features mean you can reduce your energy consumption and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle with a Control4 system. Eco-friendly design initiatives and smart functionality allow you to implement smart automation while minimising your carbon footprint.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Control4 systems are used at landmark properties all over the world for best-in-class automation. From seaside high tech homes to modern manor houses, Control4 systems offer tailor-made automation for you and your property.

Sonos vs Control4: The Verdict?

Both Sonos and Control4 offer exceptional quality, intuitive audio experiences and effortless automation, so it can be hard to choose between them! Ultimately, selecting the right multiroom audio solution depends on a variety of factors, such as how you want to use the system and what type of property you’re adding automation to.

If you’re looking for standalone audio automation, for example, Sonos is a fantastic option but, if you want to combine multiroom audio with additional automation and third-party devices, Control4 will deliver the functionality you need. Or you could get the best of both worlds by integrating Sonos devices into a Control4 system!

Our expert team is on hand to help you create a bespoke home automation system that’s tailored to your needs, lifestyle and property. To learn more, contact Element 29 now on 0207 720 7877, email us at info@element29.co.uk or send us a message here.