Crestron Home Automation Systems

With endless configuration options, seamless functionality and intuitive controls, a Crestron home automation system is the pinnacle of home automation. As a leading control and automation company, Crestron offer a wide variety of systems and products to match your needs, including:

  • Audio and visual automation
  • Lighting and window treatments control
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and thermostat automation
  • Door entry, intercom and CCTV systems

With Crestron home automation, you can build a system that’s perfectly suited to your property and your lifestyle – and we’ll help you to do it!

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What Crestron Home Automation Options Are Available?

Crestron’s solutions really are limitless and there is an extensive selection of automation options on offer, including:

1. Audio and Video Systems

Our Crestron installation London team can combine your AV equipment into one, easy-to-control system. Connect speakers, audio bars, TVs, cinema screens, projectors, cable/satellite receivers, streaming boxes, Blu-ray players and more into a Crestron home automation system that can be controlled via a single button or voice command.

2. Lighting, Blinds, Curtains and Window Treatments

Crestron empowers you to manage your home simply and efficiently. Control individual lights and window treatments, set automated lighting scenes for specific rooms or open and close blinds throughout your home via the easy-to-use Crestron Home operating system.

3. Door Entry, Intercoms and CCTV Systems

Keeping your property secure is always a top priority but Crestron home automation makes it easy to boost your home security. From keypads and eKeys to video intercoms and discreet CCTV cameras, you can rely on Crestron home automation to build a unified security system that keeps you home protected.

4. Crestron Hardware

Crestron offers its own proprietary hardware, such as speakers and lighting controls, that can be integrated in its home automation system. However, you can also incorporate third-party equipment into a Crestron system, so there’s maximum flexibility when it comes to designing your bespoke home automation solutions.

5. Crestron Automation System Controls

Home automation should make your life simpler and more convenient – and Crestron automation systems certainly deliver! You can control your Crestron system with Crestron touchpads, the Crestron app for phones and tablets and/or a Crestron remote control, as well as optional keypads and switches.

Crestron home automation touch panel

Why Use Crestron Home Automation and What Are the Benefits?

Crestron home automation solutions are dynamic, versatile and utterly reliable, which is why they’re so popular amongst homeowners. While Crestron hardware offers a wide variety of options, their flexibility to integrate third-party equipment alongside Crestron products maximises the versatility of Crestron automation and gives you unlimited potential when it comes to home automation.

What Is Crestron Custom?

Typically used when highly complex systems or groups of systems need to be controlled, Crestron Custom is an automation system that isn’t pre-programmed with a graphical interface. Instead, certified Crestron installers program the system in accordance with the client’s requirements and modify the graphical interface to represent a brand or particular design scheme.

What Is Crestron Home?

Designed for the residential market, Crestron Home is an automation system that is pre-programmed with an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface. When you choose a Crestron Home system, Crestron installers will design a bespoke system for your home and ensure the centralised platform can be used to control lighting, temperature, window treatments, audio and visual equipment and other compatible products and appliances.

Crestron FAQs

Can you add more features further down the line?

Incorporating more features into your Crestron home automation system will ensure your home management evolves with your lifestyle. To discover how additional features can be integrated into your Crestron system, talk to the E29 team now.

How much would a Crestron home automation system cost me?

Every home, family and automation project are unique, so there’s no fixed price when it comes to designing and installing a Crestron automation system. Get in touch to find out how we create a bespoke home automation system that meets your needs and your budget.

How do I know if Crestron is right for me?

Crestron is a leading provider of home automation solutions and its advanced, yet intuitive control options make it one of the most popular automation systems on the market. Of course, you’ll want to explore the options and get a glimpse of what each provider can offer before you make any final decisions and we’re always on hand to assist you.

Is Crestron hard to use?

Providing your Crestron home automation system is properly installed and programmed, it won’t be hard to use. In fact, Crestron is known for its intuitive control functionality that makes it easy and convenient to manage your home.

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Why Choose Our Crestron Installers To Install Your System?

With expertise, experience and a genuine passion for home automation, our team delivers unparalleled service, enthusiasm and attention to detail. Our in-house experts will work with you to understand your objectives and supply, design and install Crestron systems and products in and around London.

To plan your Crestron installation in London, get in touch with our expert team today.

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