With today’s home technology moving quickly it is difficult for people to know what is possible in their homes. The next series of blog posts aims to demonstrate; what our clients contact us wanting, to what we end up delivering once they know the extent of what is actually possible in their home. Keep reading to find out more about our home control system in Chelsea project and how we helped them to unlock the true extent of what is achievable in their home.

Home Control System Chelsea Project

On our latest project we were contacted by a client living in Chelsea who had recently purchased a property and who was undertaking a full renovation. They got in touch initially as they wanted a lighting control system in certain areas of their home. During our early meetings we discussed the other types of system we could install and that would be benefit to them and their home. From there the project grew to include some of the other great systems we have to offer.

Home Lighting Control

The lighting control system installed ​was​ Rako who are leading the way in providing state-of-the-art digital dimming technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications.

Home Control System

The central ​home control system specified w​as Control 4. Its ability to easily integrate with the other systems and brands installed in this project made it an easy choice.

Home Speaker System

The client already owned Crestron in ceiling speakers. We’ll always try to utilise clients existing equipment where possible and in this instance they could easily be utilised for the home cinema system.​

  • Amplifiers

​The home cinema setup was powered by a ​Denon amplifier​. We find their amplifiers ​are very effective at ​recreating​ rich sound from various sources thanks to their ​traditional and yet state-of-the-art amplification technology.

  • Music Access

Again the client already owned a few Sonos components ​so adding and integrating these units into the design wasn’t an issue.  Sonos gives access to many music and radio services and was easy to ​implement as it works seamlessly with Control 4.

Living Room

Immersive Entertainment

In the living room a 5.1 surround sound ​setup ​with a large scale television was installed to provide the ultimate, immersive entertainment system. Built upon the earlier installation of ​a cabling​ infrastructure we discretely managed to deliver an entertainment system without impacting on the need for the space – this meant it could also act as a formal living room.

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Home Control System Chelsea Project Summary

This Chelsea client project started with lighting control but developed into a home control system to include multi-room audio, cabling infrastructure and data networks including wifi. All of these systems being managed.

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