The modern home is likely going to have more than one television set. Research by the Broadcasters’ Association Research Board shows nearly as many homes own two TVs as own just one. And a third of that total number will own three. But if you own more than one screen, does that mean you require more than one ariel? Another satellite? And another costly subscription for a service you’re already paying for?

That’s where distributed video comes in. Crestron video distribution, in particular, offers flexible solutions, perfect for any hom

What is video distribution?

Have you ever wondered how your local superstore manages to display hundreds of televisions, each with the same image, in sync, without losing picture quality or having hundreds of ariels? You’ve already discovered distributed video and its key feature. 

Crestron video distribution allows a single video source, like a satellite, arial receiver or Blu-ray player, to be shared between multiple TVs connected to the same video switch.


Advantages of Crestron video distribution at home

Fewer subscriptions

If you own three TVs and you’d like your cable or satellite service on all of them, you could save money on monthly equipment and subscription costs by using distributed video to use just two satellite receivers for all of the TVs in your house. 

Flexible connectivity

There are multiple ways to connect your devices to a home matrix when using a fully-featured distribution system. From HDMI to ultra-fast Cat6 input cards, you can enjoy 4K video and even gaming in your home cinema without needing to be near the distribution rack.

More space

BluRay players, satellite receivers, HiFi systems, the more tech you own, the more wires and bulky boxes you have to display. Distributed video and controls systems let you hide all of that equipment in a cupboard or basement anywhere in your home.

Same great quality

Video distribution isn’t a streaming service or an internet-reliant system. Unlike streaming content that is highly compressed, video distribution lets you maintain the same quality as the video source, providing you with the best possible viewing experience every time.

Crestron Video Distribution

Crestron video distribution — The industry standard

When it comes to video and audio distribution, from content sharing and gaming at home to digital signage and corporate messaging in the workplace, Crestron video disribution offers flexible, scalable, reliable and secure systems that set the industry standard. They support a nearly unlimited number of devices, with an array of sizes from 4 outputs to 128, each with 4K detail at 60 frames per second. 

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Keep losing one of your 10 remotes? Thanks to its integration and compatibility with Crestron and Control4 automation software, you’ll be able to control your TV and video content on a single remote from anywhere in your home. 

Distribution made simple

The concept of video distribution is simple; to provide as many outputs as you require, from all of your favourite inputs connected in a single place. Selecting the right system and add-ons, however, isn’t always so easy. 

That’s where our team can help. Our digital experts can help you identify the exact system you need for your home or business, design the layout, and install it into existing or new structures. 

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