As we ease restrictions and carefully approach what we hope is an end to the Covid pandemic, teams of people are excited to return to their offices to communicate, collaborate, and co-work together. But, as we become more aware of the effects and ongoing threats of pandemics in the modern world, meeting spaces are set to change forever. This is where video conferencing comes into play.

Designing, redesigning, and reimagining

Whether you’re experienced in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, or any conferencing and collaboration solutions, we’ll deliver an innovative and all-encompassing platform that’ll support your everyday business with Logitech video conferencing products.

Working alongside you, we can design brand new systems that’ll transform your space, creating a safer environment for your teams. Or, if you’re hoping to unlock some hidden features and extra functionality, we’ll support you in making the most of the platform you already know and love.

Working closely, keeping distance.

Have you ever found your team huddled around a single screen with an integrated webcam, trying to squeeze everyone together without tripping over one another? Logitech’s MeetUp system makes meetings a breeze. Mount it under a TV, on your wall, or place it on your desk. It’s quick and easy to connect via USB so that you can run it off any team member’s system, and thanks to its included stand, it’s portable, too.

Don’t huddle up; spread out.

With a premium wide-angle lens and up to a 5x zoom, the MeetUp will ensure that everyone is visible and perfectly framed, no matter how far away from the camera they’re sat. It’s not a fisheye camera, either. So you can rest easy knowing that whiteboards remain legible, straight lines stay straight, and camera focus is uniform from edge to edge. And, the inbuilt microphone and speaker system will make sure you’re never left guessing what’s being said.

video conferencing room

Rally, together

Like the MeetUp, the newly released Rally system comes with a range of features, including a wide-angle lens, simple USB connections, various mounting options, and compatibility with popular collaboration solutions, like Teams, Zoom, Pexip, GoTo and RingCentral. But, the upside here is that you can run your meetings straight from the Rally device itself, eliminating the need for a computer or laptop.

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The Rally is also built bigger, allowing for a larger microphone pick-up range, high-performance speakers to keep everyone in the know in even mid-sized meeting rooms, and incredible optical accuracy that uses advanced AI to adapt to the meeting dynamics, ensuring the camera is focused on the action or active speaker.

Collaboration on Tap

Great video and audio fuels the best collaborative moments, but Logitech’s Tap makes those moments possible. An all-in-one meeting room controller, Tap delivers one-touch join, calendar integration, instant content sharing, and always-on readiness, pre-configured to work seamlessly with your go-to conferencing solution.

Like the camera units, Tap can be mounted anywhere, from your desk to the wall. It also works as a USB hub, so you can plug various devices into the Tap unit and share the screen contents with your team and callers.

Adaptable video conferencing options

With so many options available, it can be challenging to narrow down your choices to create the perfect meeting room. From big-team collaboration spaces to intimate one-on-one meeting rooms, we’ll design a system specifically for you, using cameras and an array of microphones to make every meeting productive and efficient.

If you’re looking to upgrade or adapt your meeting room and conference space, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace or any other conferencing software, we’ll find a solution that’s right for you.

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