While you won’t see their names plastered across billboards, bright-light city centres, and advertised on mainstream media channels, Control4 is one of the biggest names in home automation. Before Apple’s HomeKit, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Echo, Control4 has been revolutionising and future-proofing modern homes for years, long before the smart-home boom of recent times.

Control4 at a glance

If you’ve yet to discover Control4, you might be wondering what it does, how it differs from other smart-home add ons, and if it’ll make a real-world difference to your life beyond the initial fun-factor.

Control4 is an industry-leading creator of automation and networking systems for homes, offering a personalised smart-home system to automate and control a range of connected devices. In short, through Control4 installation, you can command your lighting, audiovideo, climate control, intercom, and security systems through a single interface and from anywhere in the world.

What makes Control4 different?

As smart as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant might be, you’re only able to control a limited range of compatible devices. Control4 is different. It acts as the brain of your home, capable of translating a simple command into a specific instruction that triggers multiple actions across your devices, of which thousands are compatible. It can load a film onto your television, lower the blinds, dim the lights, and even turn the popcorn machine.

Fun, right? A system as smart as Control4 hasn’t just been built for that high-tech moment of joy, although there’s plenty of them to be had. This powerful system has been designed to change the way you live, positively affecting your everyday life.

Control4 controls supplied by Element 29

5 Ways Control4 home automation benefits modern living

1. Never miss a visitor again.

The Control4 Chime is purpose-built to work seamlessly with your Control4 smart home. It has everything you’ve come to expect from a smart doorbell, with motion detection, instant mobile notifications, video snapshots with a 7-day history, and the ability to answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world. But, by incorporating your Chime into a Control4 home, you’ll also be able to answer a guest’s ring and disarm the alarm, turn on lights, or open the garage for them to enter. Don’t want to miss that package? Unlock the door for the delivery person, and secure your package by re-engaging the lock when they leave.

2. Smart for your home and the planet 

A Control4 smart home allows for a sustainable lifestyle. Smart lighting and thermostat controls are both great options. With smart thermostats, you’re able to turn your heating or air-conditioning systems off while away from home, saving energy and money. And, with whole-house lighting controls and automation, you can make sure you never accidentally leave a light on again. Heading home from work early? Out-of-home controls work two ways, letting you warm your house and switch the driveway lights on for a cosy welcome.

3. The remote for everything

With so many remotely-controlled devices, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Control4’s Neeo remote is the compact remote with a crystal-clear screen giving you total control over every aspect of your home. Switch between video services like Netflix, AppleTV or your home Blu-rays, dim the lights and close the blinds, or play your favourite soundtracks — it’s all right here in this elegant multi-purpose smart Control4 remote.

4. Your home at a glance

Control4’s Smart Home 0S 3 consolidates all of your devices from across your entire home into a single easy-to-use screen, letting you view the status of your security system, smart door locks, shades, or lights throughout the home — and take immediate control. And, with more personalisation options than ever before, you can customise your application to match your needs, like re-ordering your rooms to have the most common ones first, or by selecting which status icons you’d like to see, and hiding those you don’t.

5. Intercom everywhere

Whether you’re at home, at work, or on holiday across the globe, Intercom Anywhere lets you monitor and communicate with any room of your home right from your smartphone and Control4 touch screens. Take full advantage of your Control4 Chime Doorbell for deliveries or house-sitters, check-in on your babysitter with auto-answered calls through your Control4 screen, or control your blinds and lighting to deter unwanted attention.

Control4 Installers

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