With a trip to the cinema costing the average family as much as £35+, it makes more sense to look at home cinema systems and think about investing in a system where every night can be movie night. Having movie nights at home means an unlimited supply of snacks and not having to listen to anyone else’s inappropriate giggles at sad moments.

Doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun?

Home cinema systems are personal entertainment spaces designed to simulate the immersive experience of going to the cinema but in the comfort of your own home. They will usually feature a large screen, high-quality audio, and comfortable seating arrangements.

With the best systems, all your favourite films and shows are available in high definition and with a seriously immersive sound quality for a multiplex experience without the price-inducing heart attack.

Home cinema systems are convenient and customisable; you can design yours to suit your specific needs and preferences such as the TV screen size, type of audio equipment, and seating arrangements. At Element 29, we’re dedicated to installing the perfect home cinema system for you. Our team of friendly and experienced audio-visual specialists has done it all, from small, one-room systems to huge, complex property-wide installations.

If you’re thinking of getting a home cinema installation in London, we have some great recommendations for home cinema systems below. We’ve tried all of them, with popcorn, and can confirm horror movies are just as scary in surround sound as at the cinema (we’re still having nightmares after watching You Won’t Be Alone.)

Keep reading to find out more about our top recommended home cinema systems.

1. Sonos Home Cinema System

Sonos Arc

As Sonos installers let’s kick off with this home cinema essential. The Sonos Arc is a high-end soundbar that serves as an excellent starting point for building a fantastic home cinema system. It features Dolby Atmos technology to deliver super-immersive, three-dimensional sound that makes you feel like you’re right there, in the middle of the action. Turn the sound up to full volume and your neighbours will feel the same way too. Although they may not be as thrilled as you.

The Sonos Arc has loads of great features such as voice and touch control, Wi-Fi connectivity, TV remote sync and Apple Airplay 2 compatibility. For the tech-phobes among you, fear not, it’s a breeze to use.

You can use the Sonos Arc as the primary sound system for your home cinema or add it to other Sonos Products such as the Sonos One or Sonos Sub to create a complete surround sound system.


Delivers super high-quality sound that immerses you fully into the film, game, or music.
Syncs with your TV remote.
Voice and touch controls.
Works with Apple Airplay 2.
Works seamlessly with other Sonos products, allowing you to create a customised home cinema system easily.

2. Lyngdorf Home Cinema System

Lyngdorf MP60

The Lyngdorf offers stunning, high-quality audio and is designed to provide you with a seriously immersive home cinema experience. We like this one because of the powerful RoomPerfect software that can help to correct any acoustic imperfections in the room. The technical aspects of how the software works are worth reading up on if acoustics are your passion. We find all that stuff fascinating, but we realise that not everyone else does.

The Lyngdorf MP60 works well with other home cinema products.


  • Processes high-quality audio and delivers a super-immersive listening experience. 
  • Easy to use and set up without the need for complicated wiring or configurations. 
  • Supports up to 16 connections making it great for complex systems.

3. Sonance Home Cinema System

Sonance VP10 Subwoofer

The Sonance VP10 is a high-quality subwoofer that’s ideal if you don’t have acres of floor space (i.e., you live in a tiny modern home) or you prefer it to be hidden away. It is a recessed in-ceiling or in-wall subwoofer that is built into home cinema systems. The integrated cabinet stops the sound from transferring into adjoining rooms, so a great choice for bedrooms or homes with kids. You can watch an action movie without waking up the kids.

The Sonance VP10 can be used in a wide range of home cinema setups. We love the cutting-edge materials coupled with a state-of-the-art design that delivers a high-quality, super-powerful bass, while the custom-tuned amplifiers give the best sonic performance.


  • A discrete design that can easily be installed in a wall or ceiling rather than taking up floor space. 
  • Doesn’t interfere with the overall design of the room. 
  • Super-powerful bass and sound quality.

4. Control4 Home Cinema System 

These home cinema systems are always recommended by our our Control4 installers London team.

Control4 is a comprehensive control system that allows users to easily control and manage all the equipment and systems installed within home cinema systems with a single remote control or app. We think it is a super-convenient solution because Control4 can be used with multiple devices including projectors, projector screens, video sources, amplifiers, lights, and more. You can use it to control other smart devices outside of your home cinema, too. 

You can use the Control4 system in a wide range of home cinema setups. It’s especially useful for those who want a simple, convenient management option for a complex system with lots of components. You can easily adjust the volume, control the lighting, switch between video sources, and more, all from a single remote control or a handy app downloaded to your smartphone.

Home Cinema System Installation

At Element 29, we have over twenty years’ experience installing home cinema systems across London, and we pride ourselves on our trustworthiness and reliability. Contact us today to discuss your project with a member of our home cinema installers London team. 

In the meantime view some of our recent home cinema system installations across London to get inspired!

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