Whether you’re looking to provide better service to the public, impress your business partners, or streamline your general practice, a single video distribution system could save you a lot of time, money, and increase user satisfaction. But what is a video distribution system, what are its uses, and how is it controlled? We’ll cover all the basics and some everyday applications that could transform your business by installing some simple AV tech.

Full control

So, what is a video distribution system? Simply put, it’s a way to get single or multiple sources of media, to one or more screens, from a central computer, controller, or cable TV box. It allows you to send images or video signals in the same way a speaker system can play music throughout multiple rooms. And it’s not just for slideshows or still pictures, but you can stream 4K HDR content, too.

Video, everywhere. But why?

While you might not know it, video distribution systems are used in a whole range of businesses today. Think about the last time you were at a sports bar or pub. How many TVs did you see? Were they showing the same game or lots of different ones at once? What about promotional screens behind the bar or at the entrance? This is an excellent example of a simple, hidden-cable installation that creates an unrivalled customer experience. By sending the signal from one or multiple cable boxes, like a SkyTV box, you could show as many different matches to as many screens as you’d like.

And while they’re all simple to use, your system could achieve some reasonably complicated things too. Imagine a multi-floor doctors surgery, with different waiting areas, and a large number of doctors rooms. You could have a system, controlled by a single computer, that could call patients and guide them to their doctor, no matter what floor they’re on. Or, you could simply show the news, or play cartoons in a children’s waiting room.

Installing a video distribution system in your office? You could stream pre-recorded video to your entrance for a more professional look, or have the same presentation on multiple screens for a better meeting experience.

Choosing the right system

A video distribution system is all about having what you want, shown on the screens you select, and controlling with an easy-to-use and flexible controller. Through an advanced pixel processing technology, the Crestron NVX systems we install can provide a picture-perfect image, no matter what’s on your screen. And because they’ll show all types of content, in every format, synced in real-time, they’re able to meet every need.

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If you think a video distribution system could help your business, simply contact us today, and we’ll help you to find the right setup for your needs.

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