When it comes to mixing modern technologies with commercial or home-office interior design, we’re often led to believe that we’ll need to adjust our style, make sacrifices in our original plans, or throw away our seamless, tech-free look altogether.

But, as our technology advances, providing us with clearer sound, high definition pictures, and automated assistants that control everything from our blinds to our meeting schedules, how we design our tech is changing, too. Whether you’re building a bustling high-street office or refitting your working-from-home setup, you can enjoy the ultimate functionality, without compromising on the aesthetics.

The importance of aesthetics

The space you work in is as important as the work you do. From productivity to public appearances, creating a comfortable and appealing commercial or home office environment is essential. In fact, studies have shown that lighting and having control over sunlight levels, and having un-cluttered and inviting decor, have a direct impact on performance and creativity.

Architectural audio

Amina invisible speakers

Imagine a high-quality audio solution, that’s heard but never seen. Thanks to giant leaps in Vibrational Panel Technology, Amina has been able to design a completely-concealed speaker that lives beneath your plaster and paintwork, providing you with a fantastic sound experience without the aesthetic clutter.

They’re powerful, too, so you can install this design-friendly system into larger office spaces and conference rooms, and still experience room-filling sound and incredible clarity. Loudspeakers have never looked this good.

Conceal & reveal screens

Future Automation PIC-SPLIT

Recessed cut-outs, pop-up televisions, pull-down projectors – there’re plenty of ways to minimise a screen’s aesthetic impact on your office space. But, none do it quite as tastefully, and gracefully, as Future Automations PIC-SPLIT.

Like something you’d find in a Hollywood superhero’s hideout, this quiet motorised mechanism will part two pieces of artwork to reveal your hidden screen tucked behind, using an intelligent control system to ensure that each panel is synchronised at all times. Combined with your favourite canvas or custom-designed artwork, you’ll be able to conceal your conference and office screens using this elegant, seamless, and sophisticated tech.

Sun-light control

Silent-gliss dim-out blinds

We’ve all been there – trying to find the perfect angle to avoid the sun catching your eyes, and squinting till your head hurts from blinding screen glare. Installing a simple, aesthetically-pleasing, and convenient remote blinds system is the perfect solution to your clean smart-office setting.

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Silent-gliss dim-out blinds can be used anywhere, from commercial offices and conference rooms to your work-from-home space and home-theatres. Perfectly tensioned to avoid unwanted slack, made-to-measure for a seamless look, and available in various light-restricting options, they provide a quick and easy way to remotely control sunlight.

Technical knowledge, design-focussed.

If you’re looking to create your commercial office space, or re-imagine your work-from-home environment, we’re here to help. From advising you on the highest-quality and most aesthetically-pleasing tech products on the market to working with designers and architects to build a workplace like no other, we’ll help you to make the most of your budget, and realise your dream.

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