The dust, the mess, and the cost of ripping everything out, just to put it all back in – renovating is a nightmare, right? Well, it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, you can upgrade your house to a state-of-the-art smart home without disrupting everyday life. And with some of our favourite products and careful planning, you can smarten-up and stay clean.

Retrofitting beats replacing

When it comes to minimising the mess, there’s no better way to keep things tidy than by retrofitting new technologies to work alongside your existing ones, rather than replacing them altogether. Old tech and new tech working to achieve the same goal, but how? And what new technologies can you expect to enjoy without tearing down the ceilings?


Stay connected, always. Whether you’re in the garden or in the loft, living in a home of anti-WiFi materials like Celotex or age-old brick walls, a system like Ruckus will keep you online in every corner of your home.


Keep your existing wiring, keep your uncluttered ceilings and walls, and even keep your dimming lamps – but control it all with a tap on your phone or a simple voice command. With Rako and Lutron RA2 Select systems, you can have complete flexibility and control over your lights by installing small radio frequency systems into your existing wiring.


Self-powered blinds that lower and raise automatically on timers, by voice command, or from the same app as the lights on your phone. Sounds powerful? It is, but it doesn’t require a lot of juice. In fact, manufacturers like Silent Gliss make quick and responsive battery blinds that last for up to two years on a single charge. Let there be light. 


Music in every room, playing unique songs or the same tune, at different volumes, completely in sync – but you only need power. There’s no hidden cables or tricks here, just smart technology controlled from a phone, tablet, laptop or PC, playing whatever you want, when you want, where you want. Sonos is a dust-free full home sound system.


Of course, installing your TV probably won’t create a whole lot of dust, but it’s still a big part of an entertainment and smart renovation. Whether you’re looking to mount in on the wall, have it rising from a hidden cubbyhole, or freestanding on your favourite unit, we’ll help you to find the right smart TV for you, so you can enjoy all your favourite channels and apps.

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Full control

In recent years, the integration of smart-home assistants into everyday appliances and accessories has risen at lightning speeds. From your blinds and lights to your TV and even your fridge, you can take full control of your home with voice companions like Alexa and Google Assistant. Or, link all of your items to a single controller or onto your Apple device and Android phone, and manage all of your smart devices from wherever you are.

Keep things clean and bring your home into the modern world – with the latest technologies you can enjoy both. And our tech experts know that you don’t want to disrupt family life, that’s why we work with you to keep the renovation impact as small as possible.

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