Home cinemas, audiovisual systems, phone-controlled RGB lighting, voice assistants and automatic blinds –  there are hundreds of smart accessories that can bring your home into the 21st century, creating the ultimate experience in open plan home automation. But how do these technologies impact design? How can they fit seamlessly into your minimalistic open-plan kitchen-diner, or tech-sparse living space? What if we said that you could have it all, without knowing it’s there?

Elevate Your Living Space with Open Plan Home Automation

1. Lighting

The first thing you switch on when entering a room is often the last thing you consider as part of design. Light matters. Create a homely, inviting atmosphere for dinner guests, a gentle glow for mid-winter movies on a Sunday, or flood the room with daylight whites for spring-cleaning sessions – with a Rako or Lutron RA2 Select system, you’re in control.

Set up discreet switches in a variety of styles, from brushed stainless steel to immaculate matt and gloss white, and pre-programme your favourite lighting moods into a single button press on the wall. Or hide the switches in wireless receivers, invisible to the eye but with all the benefits from an app on your phone – any colour, any brightness, anywhere. While this might sound complex, we can make it simple. We work with architects and designers to install bespoke control systems into your home.

The future is now

Remote control lighting systems have changed the way we design homes, but it doesn’t end there. You’ve got a sleek, uncluttered open-plan living space with tasteful touches at every turn, only to be interrupted by the black bezels of a huge TV. No more. With hot new technologies like OLED TV’s, we can integrate the perfect solution for your open plan home automation. We’ll mount a picture-perfect screen with a bezel as thin as 2.7mm to your empty wall, that instead of turning off, displays your family photos and breathtaking landscape backdrops, just like a canvas painting. Still not hidden enough? Then let us install a completely immersed TV into a mechanical unit that rises out of your kitchen counters, at the end of your bed, or from your living-room sideboard.

Simple, powerful, hidden and discreet – modern smart-home systems can do it all. From phone-controlled lighting and window blinds on timers to near invisible screens and hidden voice assistants, we can help you find the technologies to suit your open home plan home automation needs.

Open Plan Home Automation Installers London

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