As audiovisual systems continually evolve and improve, we’re starting to see them utilised in more places than ever before. But, each business’s requirements are different, and every installation is unique. It’s essential to harness the right technology to achieve the ultimate outcome for your organisation. With so many options available, how can you be sure the system you’re using will meet all of your current and future needs?

What is Extron?

Extron is an all-encompassing audiovisual solution with products that switch, distribute, stream, and control AV signals from any source to any destination while maintaining a high level of signal integrity. From signal converters to audio amplifiers, their products are engineered to provide best-in-class performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

Extron is effective and efficient 

Whether you educate students or make top-level decisions, collaborate with colleagues or inspire your clients, Extron products are purpose-built to enhance end-user experiences. With over 5,000 products to choose from, we integrate their technology solutions to work seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.

Extron solutions aren’t just practical; they’re efficient, too. Instead of relying on their exceptional customer support, they offer industry-recognised training, so your team will understand exactly how to make the most of your AV system, avoiding tech-support hold-ups that slow your business down.

Ensuring your AV system provides you with the greatest return on investment goes beyond training — it all starts with the design. In a corporate environment, a high-quality audiovisual setup can revolutionise how we work, encouraging collaboration, improving quality, and streamlining tasks.

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How Extron can help corporate business in London

Digital Video

When it comes to video, two things matter the most; quality and stability. If you’re in the middle of a crucial company meeting, pixelated and poor image quality along with intermittent connection issues could make or break the success of your call. Extron has proven technologies for maintaining signal integrity, ensuring device compatibility, overcoming content protection issues, and delivering ultra-fast switching. So whether you’re meeting with new clients, leading an important presentation, or training your team, your AV system won’t let you down.

Streaming Technologies

In today’s fractured working environment, the ability to hold remote meetings with teams across the globe are more important than ever. Extron creates standards-based streaming hardware and software, and uses its patented PURE3 codec to ensure low-latency, visually lossless compression that maintains source quality and native resolution.

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Advanced Video Signal Processing

The bigger the meeting room, the bigger the screen you’ll need for the people in the back. But with so much screen space, your image could end up looking out of focus. The Vector 4K scaling engine is specifically designed for critical-quality 4K imagery, with best-in-class image upscaling and downscaling.


When it comes to collaboration, clear communication is essential. Extron’s patented Flat Field® speaker design, CDRS™ technology, and ProDSP™ platform ensure exceptional quality for all forms of content. 

Energy Efficiency

We install Extron’s highly efficient Everlast™ power supplies and ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifiers to minimise their power consumption and maximise their lifespan, while maintaining high-end performance.

AV System Control

Powerful hardware is worthless without an equally-powerful software to back it up. Extron’s configurable and programmable control systems and global AV resource management software allows you to switch content on the fly with little effort or training. With TouchLink panels, you can control nearly every aspect of your building, including lighting and your audiovisual equipment.

Whether you’re running a business with offices across the globe, or your team is scattered across London, it’s not easy encouraging the same quality of work and collaboration. Using an audiovisual system can help with training and development, ensure meetings run smoothly, and keep your team informed.

Extron’s top-quality audio and visual equipment can bolster every aspect of your corporate business, both internally and externally. If you’d like to find out more and discuss implementing an Extron AV system into your organisation, speak to a member of the Element 29 team today.

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