Movies in the attic: An alternative cinema space

You’ve built your dream cinema system: room-filling, surround-sound speakers; a hand-picked projector screen – your living room is your entertainment palace. But the neighbours are complaining about the rumbling bass, the kids are throwing their toys around your high-tech treasures, and your partner wants to watch some cheesy evening TV, not the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Not the heart-racing, thrills-filled movie experience you’d imagined. But what can you do? Well, an attic home cinema may be just what you need.

Making the most of your space

You may be wondering how you’re going to move your entire cinema setup without losing another room, but have you considered the space above your home? With basements becoming more and more desirable as an everyday living area, and the lack of basements in most British homes, attics are the new go-to locations for cinema conversions.

Why an attic home cinema? What makes your loft such an excellent option for home entertainment setups?

Here are 3 blockbuster reasons why you should consider an attic home cinema:

1. Effort-free soundproofing

Soundproofing a room for an attic home cinema is not an easy task. It often requires pulling away wall and floor panels to install specialised sound-resistant insulation or sound dampening compound, creating new panel structures using methods like decoupling, or adding mass and density by replacing walls completely. But your attic is already well away from your main living space, and if your neighbour doesn’t spend much time in their loft, you’re disconnected from them too. As for extra insulation? To create a cinema space, most attics need a refurb. And while this requires investment, it also means that you can plan your room and soundproofing from the get-go, without ripping down existing structures.

2. Easy to adapt

Just like soundproofing, creating your dream attic home cinema is easier when you’re starting fresh. Invisible projection screens that pull down or slide up from hidden compartments, concealed speakers that mount directly onto the walls and ceilings for the ultimate sleek theatre look, and Velux or porthole windows with automatic black-out blinds and atmospheric LED lighting. These are just some of the things we can help you plan before you get started, so there are no surprises at the end of the project.

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3. A place to escape to

It’s a magical moment, heading to the cinema. The excitement of what you’re about to watch, the relief of escaping the everyday hustle – leaving everything else behind the theatre doors. It’s a place for you, the family, and the movies you love. But who says going to the cinema means leaving your house? It could just mean stepping out of your living room. The journey and anticipation are part of the memory as the film itself, so don’t lose that feeling. Out-of-the-way but just up the stairs, movies in the attic can still provide an authentic movie experience without the queues!

Don’t let anything get between you and your family being able to watch movies in the attic, because we certainly won’t. While attics come in all shapes and sizes, with easy access through new stairwells or hidden behind pulldown hatches, we’ll work with you and your contractors to ensure you get the best visual and audio experience for your home.

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