Big-Screen Thrills, Small Space Solutions: Small Home Cinema Options

Seat-rumbling bass, immersive 360° effects, and crystal-clear quality – why go to the cinema, when you can enjoy the big-screen experience in the comfort of your own home?

Don’t let the size of your living spaces stop you owning your dream entertainment system. Whether big or small, we can transform any room into a dedicated cinema den or a multi-purpose playroom for both you and your kids.

Home cinema design: Pull down projector screen

Screen Size: Optimising Your Small Home Cinema

While mainstream stores and TV ads may have you thinking a bigger screen makes for a better experience, it’s not entirely the truth. While a 75” telly might seem like a great idea, if it’s too big for the room, or lacking picture quality over size quantity, it’ll make for unpleasant viewing. Instead, we recommend measuring your room, considering the positioning of your seating, taking the placement of speakers into account, and only then start to think about just what size screen is going to work for you.

Sound Solutions

Much like the picture, sound quality plays a significant role in the home-cinema experience. Remember not to overpower your room. You want to immerse yourself into the world you’re watching, not have audio so loud or distorted it distracts you. Equally, standard TV speakers can often sound ‘tinny’ and get lost in larger rooms. The key is to find balance. Choose speakers that surround you with pitch-perfect audio and fit with your home design, but don’t take up enormous amounts of living space, cost you the earth, or create more sound than your room requires.

Family-Friendly Design Options

You dream of having the ultimate entertainment system, your very own cinema cave – but what about the kids? Where are the winding Scaletrix tracks, expansive doll’s houses, rubber dinosaurs and miniature zoos going? We’ve got the answer to every tech problem. Instead of having your priceless TV exposed, why not have it swivel away, appear from an invisible cabinet, or even have a projector screen descend from the ceiling? Install front-facing speakers that appear almost seamless with the screen, and move simultaneously with your tuck-away system. Small, but effective rear speakers like SONOS can multi-task –working as a surround system in the evenings and a portable multi-room music solution during the day.

Control your setup with voice commands using smart-home assistants like Google Home and Alexa. And sound-proof your room with acoustic panels covered in stylish artwork to keep your neighbours and other family members happy while you immerse yourself into a world of action, horror, or romance. Playroom by day, cinema by night – this is your perfect entertainment space, we design it with you in mind.

Home cinema design in London

Explore Your Small Home Cinema Options with Us!

Size, sound, comfort and convenience – each of these factors are as important as the last. There’s a lot to consider, countless options and configurations, and that’s where we come in. If you’re thinking about converting your spare living space or designing a brand-new home-cinema addition, we’ll work with you to make your vision reality.

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