Automate your home the Element29 way

Home automation and smart living are such a main part of modern day living, this month we thought we would share with you 5 considerations to take into account to automate your home.

  1. Early consultation

In a renovation, or indeed a new build, so often the audio visual (AV) and home technology requirements are forgotten, and then become an afterthought to the fit out.

However, if you consult with us at an early planning stage – alongside the architects and building contractors, it becomes easy to implement your ideal system with little compromise to the fit out. It all should seamlessly blend together to create a smart automated home.

This leads to the next point:

2. During the building or renovation process, the AV installer must be involved and coordinating with the builder, architect and interior designer.

Our mantra here at Element 29 is that technology is here to enhance our lives, not hinder, and being involved from day one in house design makes sure that this happens.

We’ll coordinate with you and the rest of the design and build team to make sure every detail in terms of the technology installation is considered.

3. Cable infrastructure

You’ve decided on making your home a smarter home, but we all know technology moves apace, and finding a few years down the line, the cabling needs to be redone is less than ideal. Therefore, in the planning stages, make sure the cabling is sufficient to support solutions to begin with, but also potential headroom to be able to support future solutions as time goes by.

cable infrastructure and automating your home

4. Planning the AV for each room

The key to home automation is that each room is designed independently to another in regards to technology. The technology should be designed around a space, rather then shoe horning the technology into a space. Again, going back to the first two points, working alongside interior designers and architects at an early stage is essential to achieve a smart home. 

Luxury bathroom and home automation

5. Maintainable system

This sounds an obvious thing, but making sure your system is easy to maintain and update is essential. Equipment should be easily accessible for servicing and maintenance. It should also be installed into a favorable environment i.e cool and well ventilated away from water!

Here at Element 29, contact with our clients doesn’t end once the system is installed, we provide on going support to keep your home automation running smoothly years beyond the completion of your project.

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