Lighting influences productivity — and that impacts your bottom line. Not every workplace enjoys natural lighting during the day, and the electric solutions you rely on could negatively affect your team. However, lighting technology is more advanced than ever, and this evolution has made the office lights that you choose impactful on operational costs, and more importantly, on your employee satisfaction. That’s where a system like Lutron Quantum can change the way you see lighting.

What is Lutron Quantum?

Lurton Quantum is a lighting control and energy management system that provides total light management. It brings all of your lighting controllers, motorised window shades, digital ballasts, LED drivers and sensors together in a single easy-to-use application. Lutron Quantum gives you total control of every light, and every source of light, in an entire building or just a single room. 

Lutron Quantum interface

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How Lutron Quantum can help your business

Enterprise Vue

Your lighting has a significant impact on the running costs of your business. But, until you see the data, how would you ever know?

Enterprise Vue lets you manage all of your buildings and offices from a single intuitive interface, connecting interior and exterior spaces of both new and existing structures. It’s easily scalable and adaptable, displays actionable insights that inform better decisions, and helps you to monitor your lighting and graphical floor plans — perfect for intelligent buildings and connected campuses.

Lutron Quantum Vue

Lutron Quantum Vue is Lutron’s intelligent heart and new facility management software. It makes it even easier for business owners to manage electric and natural lighting levels to ensure maximum efficiency, comfort, and, most importantly, productivity.

In Lutron Quantum Vue’s digital interface (accessible from any computer and smart device), you’ll find a visual floorplan of your building or office space, with access to control every light source in the room, from LED ballasts to sunshades. And alerts (like fitting failures) and schedule settings help automate your system so that you can save money with very little input.

Automatic Shade Control

To effectively manage the comfort of your office or business space, you need complete control over every light and heat source in your building. This includes your sun shades. Solar Adaptive Shading is a feature found within Quantum light systems. It provides you with a fast and effective way of reducing glare, lowering heat gain, or flooding early-morning spaces with natural light.

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IntelliDemand Load Shed

Sometimes, dimming the lights could save you a small fortune. Smart load shed allows managers to lower a percentage of the system’s lighting output to reduce energy costs. This can significantly lower electricity rates over quarterly periods and even result in rebates from utility companies and energy aggregators.

Smart-lighting for London businesses

Comfort leads to productivity, and a productive team is a business’s greatest asset. If you can create the perfect environment for your employees and save money along the way, you should consider investing in an innovative and more advanced lighting system.

Our Lutron installer experts work alongside businesses of all sizes to help them reimagine the way they interact and utilise technology, from lighting and visual equipment to complete building automation. If you’d like to find out more about Lutron’s lighting systems, speak to a member of our Lutron installation team.

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