QMotion UK Shade Solutions Project Overview

Our client is a business based in Central London with an office on the 7th floor of a south facing, glass building. Within their office are nine office pods and a kitchen area. Employees found it hard to work due to the amount of sunlight and heat entering the offices. We were asked to look at various window covering options to keep the sun out and the workplace cool. We needed an automated window shade system, but with no pre-existing cabling in the property, we decided to install QMotion UK shade solutions, an automated window shade system, which proved to be the most suitable choice.

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QMotion Design & Installation Process

QMotion UK shade solutions are the ultimate choice for wireless shading systems. QMotion are the industry leaders when it comes to a wireless shading system and offers the most unique and sophisticated automated and manual control system in the market. Using patented technology, the QMotion UK shade provides a dual control feature that allows the user to operate the shade electronically – and virtually silently – with the touch of a button or manually, bringing a new level of convenience to shade controls.

Each office was supplied with its own remote control allowing personal preference to the settings across the blinds installed locally in the office, and all without the need for chasing out walls or installing unsightly surface mounted conduits to hide the wiring. Further functionality was delivered in the installation of a central remote control, allowing control of all 52 blinds installed, from a single location.

With their clean, crisp aesthetics, easy cleaning and sanitising system and cable-free functionality, it’s the obvious choice for keeping your office cool.

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