Boost your way to a 5-bar signal

We’ve all been there, midway through an important conference call only to miss the words you needed to hear the most, the embarrassment of repeating “hello?” ten times over to nothing but white noise, and losing your connection when reconnecting with loved ones. But thanks to leaps in tech advancements, disconnected calls and crackly lines could be a thing of the past.

Never miss a smile

If you’re Facetiming, WhatsApp’ing or video calling over the internet, creating a stable wireless connection has never been simpler. Whether you’re trying to get WiFi to the third floor or boost through thick, Celotex-insulated walls, there are a number of solutions to make sure you never miss a moment while video calling. And don’t panic, we won’t need to tear down your walls to install them. Wherever you’re trying to connect, we’ll find a way to get you connected.

But what if it’s not WiFi you need? What if you want to make a simple voice call to pay a bill, respond to a job offer, or set-up an important meeting?

A boost that makes a big difference

We’re now able to create a stable and clear mobile network in your home or business using a state-of-the-art Cel-Fi booster. While signal boosters have been banned for use without a license in the past, Cel-Fi is approved for anyone here in the UK, as well as 99 other countries around the world, and they support over 200 mobile carriers.

Tress, hills, signal-resistant building materials and bad weather won’t get in the way of your calls with a booster that automatically adjusts to changing network conditions. From plug-and-play size kits to enterprise-level installations, you’ll be able to get mobile connection to spaces you’ve never had coverage before.

Are there limitations?

To ensure a mobile booster meets British regulations, it’s only able to boost a single network at any one time. How will this affect a business or a home where each family member is with a different network? Right now, the only option is to install multiple boosters, requiring one for each network you want to support.

When it comes to installation, there are both wired and wireless options available, and each option has its benefits in different situations. So, which one’s right for you? To make sure you get the perfect solution for your home or business, we’ll take a closer look at your property and your requirements, and we’ll install the booster system exactly where you’ll benefit from it the most.

Never lose a call again

If you’d like more information or would like to find out if a booster is right for you, contact us today, and our team will get you reconnected to the world.

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