When your home tech fails and you’re feeling sad, who you gonna call?  Nope – don’t think Ghostbusters, call Element 29 for home tech support and preventative maintenance…

Element 29 Home Tech Support

Home tech supportTechnology goes wrong and home technology is no exception to this. Any installation company that tells you otherwise is probably telling porkies. As much as we only install systems that we know reliably work they will work 99% of the time but there’s always that other 1%. How can you prevent system failure or what happens when your system fails?

Preventative Maintenance

You send your car in for a service and MOT so why not do the same with your AV system? At Element 29 we offer maintenance contracts to clients tailored to the clients needs. We’ll visit once, twice or more times a year to carry out a preventative maintenance check, to iron out any potential bugs and to implement any software updates that are required. How many times have you updated your phone software only to find your favourite app doesn’t work? The same applies with AV systems. Preventative maintenance is a great way of keeping gremlins at bay.

Monitoring Software and hardware

Monitoring software and hardware is another great solution. We can install a system that automatically generates an alert and emails us when parts of your system go offline. We can then remotely login and try and rectify the fault hopefully before you even know about it. No more you calling us, we’ll tell you your system went offline but we’ve already fixed it!

But what if you haven’t a maintenance contract or remote monitoring software?

Give us a call, we’ve years of experience in problem solving systems. We may be able to talk you through a few simple tasks to get your system back online and if we can’t, we’ll dispatch and engineer to you ASAP.
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