We’ve teamed up with aboutGolf to provide the most realistic home golf simulators across the UK and are currently installing these in and around the London area.

aboutGolf have created the world’s most accurate, realistic and graphically advanced golf simulators. Working on a proprietary 3Trak system, aboutGolf simulators are able to create the most accurate ball and club data available. This consistent, reliable and definitive data gives users a blend of entertainment and game improvement that cannot be found in any other system.

The durability and functionality of the aboutGolf system has been created due to the vast amount of research and development the company has completed in regard to the progression of ball tracking and golf simulation. Ball flight models alone have taken 5 years to develop allowing the system to generate every type of shot from 5 yard pitch to 300 yard drive.

aboutGolf aim to provide a product that far out performs any other simulator unit currently available on the market. With their passion for customer service and unmatched level of research and development; they have created a golf simulator installation that can entertain and train the whole family, without compromise. aboutGolf technology is the most advanced product currently available and allows you an unmatched golfing experience in the comfort of your own home.


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