We do more than bring peoples homes into the future. We work with businesses looking to diversify, revolutionise, and enhance their service and customers’ experiences by changing the way they use technology. These past months, our tech experts brought sweat, Sonance speakers, an adaptable SONOS system, and a dynamic projector setup to the rings at the new Rathbone Boxing Club in Fitzrovia, London.

A knockout sound system

Whether you’re making your way from the locker room to the ring, or you’re on the ropes and need that fire-you-up song for when the going gets tough, a powerful and reliable sound system is essential for any hard-hitting boxing gym.

We began this project by directly talking to the team at Rathbone, understanding their needs and matching them with the right products, while making sure we always stay within their budget. The result? A dynamic and adaptable SONOS system made up of six versatile Sonance speakers placed throughout the ring and changing rooms. SONOS is the perfect fit for this active environment with a big community. The system is controlled wirelessly and gives the team at Rathbone the ability to play one song across all speakers, or a different tune in every room. It allows them to change the volume on the fly from their phones, PC or Mac, and with a connection to the most popular music streaming services on the planet including Spotify, Apple, Youtube and Amazon Music, plus the option to play your own local tracks, every Rathbone boxer can have their song.

We’ve seen the team at Rathbone move, and the rugged, back-to-the-roots NYC-style gym with luxurious London touches, and we know placing four speakers on the floor or on tables would not work for their fast-moving feet and trendy studio design. So, we mounted their wireless sound system on their walls, where it can be heard loud-and-clear, without being tripped on.

Training champions

Boxing is a technical sport, so we’ve installed title-belt worthy tech that will help to train their champions. From teaching amateurs to analysing the pros, the wireless-controlled projector gives the instructors at Rathbone more options when it comes to educating their boxers.

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We fit the wall-mounted projector system with Google Chromescast and Apple TV for the ultimate content control. Rathbone can watch back recorded PT sessions to evaluate performance, stream clips of competitors and professional bouts straight from Youtube, or even hold Pay-per-view viewing parties of world-class matches for their community — their options are endless.

We’ve enjoyed every second of working with the team at Rathbone, and we can’t wait to see their passionate boxing community pushing their limits and training to be the best using the tech we’ve installed.

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Technology for businesses at Rathbone Boxing Gym
Technology for businesses at Rathbone Boxing Gym
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