What if we told you that you could control your home devices with Apple Watch Automation?

It’s comes to no surprise that a watch can send quick messages, call and even track your fitness these days. But with Apple Watch Automation you can turn your home into a control centre, adjusting all of your appliances from a single device with quick actions and voice commands. You can control your speakers, lighting, heating, air conditioning, white goods, security locks of gates and doors, and a seemingly never-ending variety of other devices right from your wrist.

Apple Watch Automation

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Powered by Apple HomeKit

Apple first demonstrated home automation on Apple Watch in 2015, and it had lofty goals. Since then, the iconic smart device has surpassed its early goals, with more applications and home devices compatible with HomeKit than ever before.

Today, their Home app provides a secure way to control HomeKit-enabled accessories, including video streams from intercom and security devices. Set rooms, scenes, actions, and triggers to automate your smart home gear, and alter the ambience of an entire room with a single tap. Near home? Use GPS to unlock your door. Heading to bed? Let HomeKit know, and it’ll turn off your lights, lock your door, and set the alarm. The options are limitless.

Home-filling audio, on your wrist

We love nothing more than spectacular audio discreetly positioned throughout the home. But, in the past, this always meant hiding your audio control units in a closet or cupboard somewhere — you know, so you could change the disk and alter the volume. 

With HomeKit, that overly complex amp and cd changer is a thing of the past. HomeKit users can configure a wide variety of speakers in the Home app, building multi-room audio environments using AirPlay for the connection. This allows any member of the household to control the music, contribute to playlists, and alter the volume, all from the Apple Watch strapped to their wrist.

But, not every speaker is compatible with HomeKit. And, while the list is rapidly expanding, there are a few speakers we’d recommend for long-term compatibility, and their outstanding performance.

Apple Watch Automation: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M3

Image source: https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/gb/speakers/beoplay-m3

Apple Watch Automation: Bang & Olufsen Audio

Recognised for their iconic, sleek, and stylish designs, Bang & Olufsen are one of the most reputable audio equipment manufacturers in the world. Their products stand apart from the competition for one simple reason, quality. Creating the best audio experience using only the highest quality materials and components has aided them in producing sound considerably better than their competition.

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We’re proud Bang & Olufson installers, not just because of their sound quality, but because of their forward-thinking development that incorporates modern design into each and every speaker. With complete HomeKit integration, you’re able to group B&O speakers with your HomePod and other HomeKit-compatible devices, and play synced music across all devices simultaneously. You’re also able to easily stream music from any Apple device, eliminating the need for more cables, and giving you access to a world of music from your wrist.

While not all Bang & Olufson speakers are compatible with HomeKit, it’s already implemented on some of their Beoplay and Besound range of products.

Apple Watch Automation: Sonos Five

Image source: https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/gb/speakers/beoplay-m3

Apple Watch Automation: Sonos Audio

When it comes to music streaming gear, Sonos is one of the most well-known brands on the market. They have a wide selection of speakers that include a variety of useful functions, including built-in smart-home assistants, most importantly, Apple HomeKit integration. 

With AirPlay 2 installed and supported on most Sonos speakers, you can now use Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, to play any song that pops your head, provided you have a subscription to Apple Music. This eliminates the need for a phone to control the speakers using the Sonos application. But that’s not all. Now, whether you’re within shouting distance of your speaker or not, you can instruct and control your audio system using the Siri strapped to your wrist. You can ask your Apple Watch to adjust the volume, change the song, create a playlist, and more — without waking the neighbourhood.

Find out more about our Sonos installation London services.

There’s more to control than music with Apple Watch Automation

While we’ve focused on some of the best audio options available for HomeKit integration, there’re even more options when it comes to controlling other aspects of your home, like heating, lighting, and security. 

To appear in the HomeKit section of your Apple watch, a developer needs to follow strict guidelines laid out by Apple. However, for most companies, this can provide a serious obstacle when it comes to implementing their systems. But that doesn’t stop organisations from creating Apple Watch-compatible applications that function in the same way.

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Rako, Control4, and Lutron each have applications that provide you with extensive smart home controls to make your Apple Watch the ultimate command centre.

Installing HomeKit at home

Enhancing your home automation with Apple Watch-integrated accessories will change the way you live, more than you might imagine. By automating a range of actions and controlling your equipment remotely, you’re able to reach a level of control not experienced by most, while preparing your home for the increasing number of smarthome-driven devices that continue to head to market. 

And, with the upcoming collaboration to enhance home control with Matter – providing Apple, Google, Amazon, and other devices with the ability to communicate with each other – we’re going to see more options and variety than ever before. 

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