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As we move further into the 21st century, we’re revolutionising the way we use technology to enhance our everyday lives. From ever-evolving user-centric smartphones to flat-screen TVs designed to look like your favourite family picture frame — tech has changed the way we live in more ways than we could ever imagine.

And, as we fill our homes with expensive gadgets and priceless memories, it’s become essential to protect them with top-of-the-line security systems. But, we wouldn’t blame you for trying to avoid those white boxy security cameras, noisy server rooms, and giant button pads beside your front door.

That’s why we install products that’ll exceed your tech expectations and look great while doing it.

Introducing Ring

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Ring. They’ve become synonymous with user-friendly security solutions for homes and high-street businesses, offering comparable features to some of the biggest names in security, while remaining affordable and accessible to everyone.

If you’re new to Ring, then you’re going to love what they do. Ring offers customers an easy-to-use and always-online security system allowing you to monitor your home, see who’s at your door, and even talk to people or pets on the other side, only by unlocking your phone and navigating to the app.

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How do I know if Ring is for me?

Whether you’re looking to protect your home or secure your high-street business, you’d be amazed at how this versatile system could help you to feel safer, and prove useful every day. To help you discover how Ring could help you;

Here are 3 Ring products that everyone could use.

  1. Ring’s Video Doorbell
    If you know Ring, you’ve probably seen their doorbell. Ring’s break-out product is now in its third generation, and it’s sleeker and smarter than ever. It comes with an HD video camera to see who’s at your door, two-way talk to communicate with delivery drivers or guests when you’re not home, motion sensors to alert you whenever someone is approaching, and it can even see in the dark with high-quality night vision — so you’ll never miss a thing.
  2. Ring’s Security Cameras
    Indoor and outdoor, wall-mounted and freestanding, floodlit or discreet in the dark — you name it, the versatile camera collection can do it. Just like the video doorbell, Ring’s cameras come with everything you could want in a compact camera unit with thoughtful design. HD video, two-way talk, night vision and motion-activated, it’s all here. So you can enjoy peace of mind here, there, and everywhere.
  3. Ring’s Alarm
    The all-in-one alarm system gives you the ability to monitor even more than just what you can see. With real-time alerts, you’ll know when someone enters a room, opens a window, or sets off a siren. And, with the option to add-as-you-go, you can extend your security to every room of your home, and every corner of your business.
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Wired vs Wireless

The majority of Ring’s standard products come in their completely wireless configuration. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, a wireless system means that once we come to install the system, there are no cutting, drilling, or reels of cable to worry about. But, you’ll need to monitor the battery of your cameras closely, as features like HD video and audio can drain them reasonably quickly.

If you’re looking for a fit and forget system, Ring has that covered too. We recently talked about their latest product, the Ring X Line. These units require some wiring during their installation, but once connected, they’re powered for life. You’ll enjoy 24/7 monitoring without the worry of a camera going down during a critical moment.

You can find out more about Ring’s X Line, here.

A customisable system, an accredited installation.

Every home is unique, and every business is different. Whether you’re looking for high-powered floodlights with in-built cameras or discreet bookshelf-style security, Ring’s system is fully customisable with a mix-and-match approach. We’ll help you to identify the right products for your home or business, and our accredited installers will fit the Ring system to their exacting standards — so you can rest assured your system is as safe as your property.

If you’d like to find out more about Ring, have questions regarding your home or business security, or would like to talk about integrating security into an already existing smart system, speak to a member of our team today.

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