Whether you want to install a complex, whole-home sound system, a home cinema, phone-controlled RGB lighting, voice assistants or automatic blinds – we keep things simple. There are hundreds of smart accessories that can bring your home into the 21st century, and our installation process and qualified, experienced team will work with you, your architects, and your interior designers to find the best solutions that work in your environment, and keep the project moving seamlessly. The sooner you can bring us into your plans, the better. And because planning is key, we’ve outlined our process below, so you can know what to expect when you choose us.

1. First contact

We treat each project with the same attention to detail and careful planning, no matter how big or small. After you contact us, we’ll meet to understand what technology interests you, how you use it, and how you’d like to combine it into your existing living spaces and everyday life. And don’t panic, you don’t need to know the ins-and-outs of smart technology. We’ll keep things simple, explain every detail, and work with you to find tech-balance, suggesting systems that complement your lifestyle, and removing those that don’t. We’ll talk about your budget, too, ensuring you get the most out of every single penny with no surprise fees down the line.

2. Planning and design

After we’ve discussed your vision and agreed on a plan to integrate future-proof technology into your everyday life, we’ll produce cable schematics and equipment schedules, to help outline the equipment and systems being installed. These will then be used by our design and build teams. We’ll know where every cable begins and ends, we’ll mark where every speaker, television, and automatic blind will be installed, and we’ll outline what support we require from other trades, such as electricians.

smart home design

3. First fix

Working closely with your electrician, we’ll supply the specified cables and ensure they’re installed in just the right place. We’ll also provide the documents for your new equipment awaiting installation, so there are no surprises for your electrician further down the line.

4. Second fix

The second fix is our chance for final preparations before we begin turning your house into a smart-home. We’ll install sockets, speakers, and the equipment that is built into the property and structure.

5. Final fit

The moment you’ve been waiting for: the part of the process where it all comes together. During the final fit, we’ll install all the remaining loose equipment, from AV racks and amplifiers to TVs and blinds.

Smart home tv

6. Commission and handover

After all the equipment has been installed, we’ll commission it, making sure it all works harmoniously. And we won’t just leave you guessing how to turn everything on. We’ll give you training on how to use each and every system, and then after you’ve had some time with it, we’ll adapt and personalise the settings so it’s just the way you like it – intuitive to you. Whether you need an hour of help or a day’s support, we’re here to guide you throughout the project and after.

7. Aftercare

All of our installations carry a 12-month warranty – but our support doesn’t end after just one year. Whether you want ongoing maintenance, or just help when you need it the most, we have a variety of aftercare options for you to choose from for complete peace of mind. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to you, but we’ll usually come back twice a year to tweak your system and keep you up to date.

Update your home’s lighting, install automatic blinds, hide television screens, create a network of discreet voice assistants – we can help you find the technologies to suit your needs and make your house a smart home. Our processes are simple, our people are friendly, and we can’t wait to get started on your project.

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