People love music making audio-system aesthetics key to any music lovers listening experience. Whether it’s the upbeat rhythms of modern pop, the reverberating strings of old-school rock, or the elegance of a finely-played classical composition — if we have one thing in common, it’s a passion for the sounds that connect with our soul. And to meet that need, we each want high-quality speakers to play our favourite songs, that we can control with ease, and that fit our individual styles.

But can we enjoy music in every room, without the mess of cables, the bulky towers, and the awkward placement of tables and chairs to prop our systems on? Or what about having old-school analogue speakers with modern wireless capabilities? Well, now you can.

Performance meets design

Thanks to fresh innovations from companies like Sonance and Sonos, you’re able to enjoy high-performance tech without compromising your room’s aesthetics. And, by combining these advanced, discreet, and well-designed speakers with modern amplifiers and controllers, you could enjoy more control than ever before, without the panel of buttons.

Invisible sound

If you’re looking to enjoy your favourite music in every room, but don’t love the sight of over-engineered speakers, installing state-of-the-art ceiling-recessed units like those from Sonance’s architectural range could be the answer for you.

These downlight-sized, in-ceiling speakers offer outstanding quality while remaining nearly invisible to the eye. They often come in a wide range of colours and finishes to match most surfaces, and because they’re cut into the drywall and plastered in, they fit seamlessly into their surroundings. And don’t let the compact size fool you, these types of speakers can really pack a punch, offering larger sized drivers for rooms with extra space, and even recessed subwoofers for extra power for the lowest lows.

Today, there are a number of companies offering high-quality discreet options like the Sonance Architectural Series, and by pairing them with an advanced control system like that of Control4, you’ll enjoy total control from a single device.

Design-led speakers

Want room-filling sound that comes from a good looking speaker that doesn’t cut into your ceiling? Wall-mounting a single-cabled unit from Sonos could be the solution for you.

While they’re not as discreet as recessed speakers, installing a stylish, design-led Sonos speaker won’t exactly be an eyesore either. These high-end sound systems offer some of the best outputs on the market, with enough bass to get your heart pumping, and a sound so crisp you won’t miss a single high note — all in a gorgeous shell that fits nearly any home.

Sonos speakers also come with their own built-in wireless connectivity, allowing you to stream any song, to any room, synced up or playing something different for everyone.

Want to learn more about Sonos? We checked out their latest products in our last blog.

Classic meets modern

For some, that classic look of analogue-driven tower units are all part of the aesthetic, and with a sound that’s truly hard to beat for audiophiles and enthusiasts alike, we’re not going to tell you to drop wires. At least, not entirely.

Whether you’ve got a single pair of floor standing units that you’ve treasured for years, or you’re a vintage collector with a studio speaker in every room, taking control of your classics can prove difficult in this digital world. But, with wireless control units and discreet amplifiers that retro-actively fit with your existing units, you can stream top-quality media straight to your age-old speaker system.

Ultimate control

Once we’ve helped you to find the right speakers for your home, you’ll want to decide how you’ll control them. If you’re considering Sonos, the control system is pre-built into the speakers, connecting through your wireless to an application on your phone.

If, on the other hand, you’re searching for something more discreet, or you’re hoping to connect your existing speakers to a modern system, then you should consider the benefits of a comprehensive system like those created by Control4 or Crestron. Each of these company’s products offers you the ultimate home or business control and automation.

You’ll be able to play any song through individual or all speakers and control the volumes, from a single remote or phone application. But it doesn’t end there. With the right technology, you can utilise these simple-to-use systems to control more than your music. They’ll pair up with your automated blinds, your heating controls, and even your TV.

We recently took a closer look at the new Control4 Neeo remote. You can find out more here.

Helping you with the details

When it comes to technology, we know things can start to get complicated. And, with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ll answer all of your questions, and explain exactly what makes each system right for you. We’ll look at your existing structure and advise you on the very best options, using only trusted suppliers.

Or, if you talk to us before you start a new build, we’ll help plan your sound system long before installation, coordinating with your on-site teams to get everything just right.

Whether you’re looking to modernise Hi-fi stacks or plaster-in speakers, we’ll help you to discover exactly what room-filling audio-system aesthetics can look like. Contact a member of our team to find out more.

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